Kate Gosselin's Boobs: Real or Fake?

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Kate Gosselin rocked a bikini while in Mexico last week, showing off her new hot body and sparking serious debates among both her fans and skeptics.

Jon's ex admitted having a tummy tuck back in 2006 to remove the excess skin around her belly, but has said she has not had any other plastic surgery.

Yet her impressive figure makes you wonder if the 35-year-old mother of eight has had a boob job, although she tells People, "These breasts are all mine."

But are they, really? You decide! Vote below ...

Kate Gosselin Cleavage

Kate Gosselin's boobs are totally ...


She popped out a crap ton of kids. She admits to getting the work done, she wouldn't do the show otherwise. More power to her to get her body back together after being the size of a small car. So what if she's a rude turd, most women with at least 8 kids are.


What is interesting about the multi-moms is their obsession with their bodies and the assumption the public is waiting with baited breath to admire their over exposed bodes. Sad that this seems to be what they identify as the most important part of their lives -- not their kids -- and they want to make tons of money showing off their boobs and tight tummies. Both come across as shallow and self-possessed with an arrogant assumption the public owes them an ongoing paycheck to see their body parts and ignore their messed up lives.


Real or fake, I'll do her.


If you have ever watched the reality show a years back Kate had plastic surgery donated by a plastic surgeons wife.she had a tummy tuck and as an extra surprise they gave her a boob job. Not sure if she is denying her surgeries but it would be a bit stupid as its all on tape.


Both Kate and Octomom have a very loose relationship with the truth when it comes to their "amazing new bodies" and it is phony and insulting to the intelligence.
What a pair of assholes.

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