Rachel Uchitel Playboy Spread Nixed By Tiger

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Rachel Uchitel was all set to pose for Playboy until Tiger Woods pulled the plug on the deal, according to reports. Hey, she's still getting paid for it in a way.

Here's how it supposedly went down: Playboy wanted to feature the pilgrim of Tiger Woods mistresses on the cover, with a direct mention of the golf great.

Publishers even floated the idea of Rachel Uchitel nude alongside a tiger cub. The "VIP hostess" agreed to this, and was to be paid upwards of $300,000.

Tiger Woods' legal team was far from pleased with this concept.

"It put Rachel in significant danger of losing the millions of dollars Tiger paid her," a source said. "They refused to give [Uchitel] complete control of the cover so that she could make sure Tiger wasn't mentioned" as per their settlement.

She chose not to push it and risk her $10M settlement from Tiger. Probably wise.

Had Uchitel gone forward with the shoot, she was to appear "totally naked except her pubic area," the source added, noting that the would have "shown bare breasts and backside nudity" while "completely nude" in some situations.

Alas, like an Elin Nordegren tell-all, 't not to be. Damn confidentiality agreements.

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