Did Kate Gosselin Get Hot All of a Sudden?

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When a magazine plays up some female celebrity's "revenge body," most of the time it's total nonsense. But in the case of Kate Gosselin's new People magazine cover, there might be something to it. She actually looks good. Really good.

Like, blow-Jon's-cadre-of-mediocre-girls-out-of-the-water good.

A Kate G. Photo
Hot Kate Gosselin Photo

Kate Gosselin has been working out like a madman lately.

At 35, the mother of eight and rumored girlfriend of Steve Neild may be making him one lucky protector. She is now "the most fit I've ever been," she says.

How? No plastic surgery for this reality star. She credits near-daily runs outside her Wernersville, Penn., home, and she's not afraid to show off the results.

"I've worked really hard!" she tells People in its cover story. "Haven't I earned the right, at this point, to look good?" You bet she has. Here's the result:

Kate Gosselin, New Body

K-WOWW: Look what diet, exercise and getting rid of a reverse mullet weave can do. You go, girl! Never thought we'd say this, but what are you doing later, Kate?

So we just gotta ask ... the boobs. Are they ...

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I would like to see Kate wearing diapers.


I dont care one bit about Jon And Kate i never watched their show. I think its garbage how people get famous for doing FUC* all. However i am a sucker for a sexy woman in a white bikni and damm Kate does look good reguardless of what she has or has not had done.


I dont give a shit about Jon And Kate nor did i watch their tv show. However i am a sucker for an attractive woman in a white bikini. The topic here is how does Kate look i think she looks really hot reguardless if she has had work done. I also dont care about who and what she is im never gonna meet her so all that matters is the front cover of this magazine. I like what i see she has nice boobs and a decent body i wouldnt kick her out of bed for eating crackers.


those are so real kates always had a nice rack theres no dening u work it girl!


Way to go Kate.I admire your determination and perseverance.Now that Jon is largely out of the picture things are improving. Still,it's important for the children to continue a relationship with their father for their sakes,his and yours.Am holding you all up in prayer. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!


Beautiful in a person means inside and outside. Yes, she looks pretty, but that's about it. The minute this woman opens her mouth, she turns very ugly. She is making poor decisions and suffering consequences. The worst being she forgot about being a Mom. I know so many people that are incapable of having one child, and then there is Kate
with her first thought's are money and herself; leaving all those beautiful children to be taken care of by crew members and nannies.


You people are gay. She looks HOT. I'd be hitting that 24 - 7 and you know you would too.


@Noty Lilmage, what??????????????


She's 35, 38, & has had 8 children. Anybody who think those are real needs a swift kick in the wake-up call dept..


We are so judgemental. We are not 10's. If we are life will take it away from us through time. Kate is a
normal person and copes well!! What could she do to support herself and 8 kids? She has grit and is a go-getter. I admire her. She deserves some fun in life and it's hers to lead. Everyone has done some something to make themselves look better.
Look at the cosmetic industry. Give Kate a rest. There's others
who do more with more malice in their hearts. Could you do as well with 8 kids and a husband who sat on his behind and did
as mama said. He was another misbehaving kid!