Tiger Woods to Rachel Uchitel: Silence or Else!

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Tiger Woods' people recently reached out to his former mistress Rachel Uchitel, but it wasn't to schedule any late-night, Ambien-fueled sex romps this time.

Despite recent rumors, Rachel and Tiger are not getting married, and Rachel isn't pregnant with Woods' love child. Devon James already worked that angle.

The two haven't spoken to each other in months, but his attorneys contacted her because they were concerned about her going on VH1's Celebrity Rehab.

Since she's famous for doing Tiger Woods (sorry David Boreanaz), they were understandably concerned she'd talk about it on the show, which she can't.

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Tiger Woods can rest easy. Rachel Uchitel didn't talk about him.

Woods' attorneys called to ensure Tiger was not mentioned even once, which she is not allowed to under the terms of that $10 million confidentiality deal.

Production sources connected with Celebrity Rehab say Rachel Uchitel never uttered a certain golfing great's name, and was a standout among the group!

“She made a very poignant speech [at the graduation], and she has probably progressed the most among the group," says a source close to the show.

"Even though she briefly left the show, when she came back, Rachel was more focused, and realized the work that she needed to do on herself."

That's what it's all about, right?


Everyone is saying "poor RACHEL". She's not so poor - she's got $10 million stashed away - thanks to Tiger. Why is Rachel in Rehab? I wasn't aware that she is/was an alcoholic or drug user -whichever it is.


What a shameful whore ! Getting paid to enter a rehab for a TV reality show ....Sneaking out rumour of Tiger marrying her to build juice in her publicy....Did she know what was "shame" ?


Tiger won't marry this type of woman...because she poised for Playboy as well as jumped at any chance for publicity.. Which man will take such type of woman as wife ? Say if one might not mind one's past in marrying her, but this argument only worked for the past of the woman before she bedded with Tiger... But these endeavour of Rachel did (Playboy, went for celebrity rehab for a TV gig etc) were after the breakout of the sex scandal which just showed she was a political and manipulative whore.


I hope she talked about David. Interested to know if she really broke it off with him when she found he would not leave his wife for her.
Men lie to the wife and then to the girlfirend. Can't they ever be honest. Glad Rachel is no longer seeing him and his wife should leave as well. Let the lying, cheater be alone.


Rachel Uchitel is a NOBODY that WANNA BE RICH and IMPORTANT!!! But, everyone already knows who this woman is!!! She is a shameless, immoral W*H*O*R*E* and a married men’s extortionist, who has tried everything to trap a rich$$$ man with her ugly silicone enhanced plastic body and pervert, kinky sex and so far, has failed badly!! She is now desperately portraying herself as a victim, trying to repair her w*h*o*r*e* image but it is too little, too late and her time seems to be running out!!!


Carmen 1 as I told you many times before I don't care what you think about me. But you sound like a bimbo who probably slept with the pig which shouldn't suprise me because he probably slept with half of the world.
The truth must hurt don't you think ?
You reap what you sow and I have nothing but disgust towards this guy and I'm happy to see I'm not the only one.
Now Carmen 1 or rather ANDREA get lost and get back to you miserable life ........ VA TE FAIRE FOUTRE !!!!


The article only said that Tiger's camp does not want Uglitel to mention Tiger's name on the Celebrity Rehab show, no public denial has been made about their marriage! It seems that the National Enquirer discovered the “secret plan�! So far, The National Enquirer has been right on the money with everything they have said about Tiger Woods!!! Until there is a denial from Tiger that this story is not true, many more people in the US and around the world will believe it..... Time will tell!!!!!!


Tricia, did Tiger turn you down for a date at one time? I see your super venomous rants against him all over the web. You are scary.


Too bad they were made for each other. Two worthless POS who only care about themselves.
Little Woody will have a hard time finding a good decent woman who will love him for him and not his money. He can only blame himself for this mess . He never deserved Elin . He deserves the trash he seems to love sooooooooooooooo much !


TMZ is reporting the same story - Rachel has no one in her corner - too bad.

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