Rachel Uchitel on Celebrity Rehab: I Quit!

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Declaring "I quit" and running away from the set, Rachel Uchitel apparently couldn't handle the intense pressure of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Instead, Tiger Woods' mistress checked into a swanky hotel.

Rachel Uchitel and Husband

"After a very intense day of filming, Rachel couldn't handle being at the Pasadena Recovery Center" and left, according to a Radar Online source.

Rache fled for Beverly Hills' L'Ermitage Hotel after an intense day with Dr. Drew, during which she "had trouble coping with the issues" discussed.

We reported in recent weeks that Uchitel is being treated for "emotional issues" (i.e. banging married celebrities) as well as an addiction to pills.

She was discussing her issues with self-esteem and self-worth, along with her addiction to Ambien when absolutely lost it and bolted the set.

Rachel Uchitel flaked on Celebrity Rehab 4 ... but will she be back?

Producers located Uchitel the next morning. "Producers arrived at the hotel the following morning, and calm prevailed," says an inside source.

"Rachel simply needed some time away from the intense pressure and scrutiny she is dealing with. She agreed to go back to Celebrity Rehab."

"Rachel has never had to face these kind of issues like this before, and talking about it pushed her over the edge, and her instinct was to run."

Well, sure. Of course, Rachel isn't legally allowed to talk about her affair with Tiger Woods, but the world's #1 golfer looms large in her life.

“Her issues go beyond Tiger, but he was the catalyst that pushed her over the edge," a close source said of the 35-year-old "VIP hostess."

No word if she'll talk about David Boreanaz.


No one says that you have to be pretty to be fuckable, only easy and dirty and that she is!! I keep on wondering how she is getting these guys and now I know!


I read that Rachel Uglytel has tried to remain visible on the media attempting to repair her W-H-O-R-E image because she is desperately ($$$$) trying to trap a rich $$$$ man. All her previous attempts have failed badly. Uglitel has not realized that the only thing she is good for is dirty, kinky, anything goes sex and that is what all her lovers have used her for!!! All Uglitel has now is a w-h-o-r-e reputation, spite, rage and a very used ugly silicone enhanced plastic body that looks more like a man on steroids. She is trying to cash on it before she gets too old, since she is already pushing forty. Truly, truly, pathetic!!!




Yep and if Donald Trump takes her now . he is as much of an ass as my father thought 40 years ago or was it longer? .. Can't take REAL LIFE . LOL ..


Rachel relies on her addiction to screwing other peoples husbands for her source of income. No affairs, no blackmail, no money (not that she really needs it any more).

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