Oksana Grigorieva Source Describes Mel Gibson Rampage; Says Star Threatened to Hit Baby

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Did Mel Gibson threaten to hit his own daughter? That's the latest allegation from her mother and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva in their ugly feud.

According to Oksana, Mel said he would “hit” little Lucia, their baby girl, during an explosive blow-up with his ex-lover, saying “‘Take her! I will hit her!”

Oksana Grigorieva in Lingerie

A February 18 incident was the catalyst for Oksana to walk out on the star, taking their daughter with her. Many, many irate Mel Gibson rants followed.

The day after, Mel supposedly texted her to say he "wasn't safe for you last night." His nicotine withdrawal may be responsible, in part, for the rampage.

On the 18th, Mel and Oksana gathered in the lush grounds of the actor’s Malibu mansion, for a tree-and-placenta planting ceremony in honor of Lucia.

But what should have been a joyous occasion turned ugly, Oksana says, when Mel became angry, accusing her of “smiling too much” at the gardener.

Was Oksana Grigorieva checking out the gardener?

“Oksana has recounted that Lucia began crying, so she went back inside - and Mel followed her in,” a source, familiar with Oksana’s testimony, reveals.

“When they got inside, Mel started ridiculing Okana’s accent ... In response, she said she rolled her eyes at Mel, which made him even more angry.”

The source said Grigorieva apologized to an irate Mel and “begged for forgiveness,” but Mel responded that Oksana was always irritated with him.

“Oksana said she told Mel that his comment was she was only irritated when he accused her of smiling at the gardener and made fun of her accent.”

Grigorieva then recalled: “This set off Mel and he flew into a rage."

In the hours that followed, Mel returned to the house, after leaving for a break, at which point, “Oksana said Mel told her he needed to leave the house again, in order to show her and Lucia what ‘mean’ really is,” said the source.

“He also supposedly told Oksana, in regards to Lucia, ‘Take her! I will hit her. I have got to go,’” and Oksana took him at his word, taking Lucia to one of Mel’s other properties, in Sherman Oaks, Calif. He then started to call.

And call ... and call, and call ...

Oksana had already accused Gibson of hitting Lucia and bruising her face during on January 6, the same night he allegedly punched her mother.

The 40-year-old Russian beauty was holding the baby when the star supposedly slugged her in the face, causing damage to two of her teeth.

As he did this, he also allegedly hit baby Lucia, bruising her chin. The abuse photos of Oksana surfacing online have been cast doubt upon, however, as she reportedly did not produce them during her mediation sessions with the actor.

Gibson has not been charged with a crime, denies ever assaulting Oksana, and has accused her of trying to extort him for money with the tapes.

Who do you believe?


Why doesn't Madam X quit and go home. She is trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame. She thinks she's Elin Woods? She's trying to extort money. She's got the kid and she knows Mel is not going to let his kid go unsupported. Wonder how many more charges she can shake out if she doesn't get the amt. she wants.
She was just waiting until pregnant and had the child so she could find the money for her living. It was all planned out ahead of time. Timothy Dalton's career is fading fast and she needed more money; thus enters Mel and new deposits into her bank account. Anybody can tease and aggravate and prod a temper.
You can be a dumb bunny and do that.


There is a lot of soul selling and witchcraft sacrifice
going on. So please let this crap be over with soon. Mel has got to get his career back. And settle this circus out in court. Not in the media. Mel has gone fishing with his son. Like a real man should do after he finds out his wife has fake boobs. Meanwhile more and more crap comes out Oksana. What's next? Mel dressing up in a Batman costume karate kicking the doors in? She herself is starting to sound like a rambling Mel. She should tape it and put in on record. Bring it out ass a album. Maybe there is big money to earn. This looking more and more like a big setup. Regardless what freaking tapes there are. Mel is a bit crazy but he is not a complete psycho. Anyways. Mel is the man and I salute him.


Mel is a piece of work, alright! Oksana needs to take her children and run as fast as she can, as far away from him as possible. I can't respect a man who abandons a long-suffering and loyal spouse, and then goes off the deep end when things aren't EXACTLY the way he wants them afterward. Move on, Mel.....sober up, pay up, and then leave Oksana and her children alone to live a peaceful and safe life!

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