Did Mel Gibson Abuse Oksana Grigorieva? New Photo of Alleged Attack Surfaces

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A new photo has surfaced that Oksana Grigorieva says provides strong evidence of Mel Gibson punching her during an explosive January 6 argument.

Oksana has deep bruises around her left eye after she claims Mel punched her in the head twice, damaging her teeth. You can see the photo here.

Police are investigating Gibson for domestic violence. Oksana Grigorieva has accused him of punching her twice as they argued at his home that day.

The actor's ex-girlfriend has told authorities she was holding her baby Lucia when Mel struck her in the mouth and the head, near the left temple.

Photographs published by Radar Online purportedly show a bruised Oksana the morning after the confrontation. The images are pretty gruesome.

The Mel-Oksana saga gets uglier by the day.

Earlier this month, a photo of Oksana was published showing damage to her teeth. Her dentist says this was likely caused by a blow to the head.

Mel denies hitting Oksana and his lawyers have told police that she tried to extort him. A separate investigation into that matter is also underway.

So far, Mel has not been stripped of visitation rights or charged with any crime. His estranged wife Robyn says he was never abusive in 28 years.

But is the evidence piling up against the star?

Coupled with text messages and one vile Mel Gibson rant after another, is he running out of legal wiggle room? Do the photos prove anything?

That's what the police are trying to determine.


You ALL will have to forgive me but I think she is just a conniving witch who is trying to sink her claws into Mel's MILLIONS!! If he NEVER abused his wife Robyn in 28 years why all of a sudden would he have a change in behavior? A violent personality develops early on not just suddenly at old age!! HELLO!! WAKE UP MEL!! Before she takes all your money!! Maybe she planned it all out including getting pregnant by Mel!! DUH!!


i think she is with him because of the money and he is a.famous.....actor but all good things come to and end one day.....remember nothing is forever.if we could see the furture don;t you think we all on this earth would make some changes i think she is wanting all of his money because she is like dirt poor so take your ass back to were u came from and let him support the baby but you need to get a job and a education would help also.


Why thank you, Jenna. Ox and Oksana-Contin are also accepted.




i didnt even think about it being a botox bruise, but i guess that makes sense, clearly she is into all that stuff, she has obviously had plastic surgery, and shes old...so botox of course. i just assumed it was makeup... you know in films they have to use makeup to create bruises and wounds all the time, i know how to do it...its frikken easy. also, pictures are never truthful...especially in hollywood :)


I love the "OctoTwin" moniker, Hot Nights....Oksana sure could be.


Of course it's the liquor talking! Everyone acts like this is the first drunk they've ever heard! When men are drunk, real drunk, they say things and act like demons! DUH! Everyone knows what a great guy Mel is when he's sober and normal (which is MOST of the time!) These tapes (probably all taped in one day, OR spliced together, know that con artist, gold digger, commie woman who's SO playing him!) were all done when he was DRUNK and ANGRY! WHO has not said outrageous things when they were mad, cut off from sex, used and abused, and then DRUNK on top of it? Everyone has!!!! Get real people! PLUS THE TAPES ARE OBVIOUSLY FAKED! SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE IS READING SCRIPT CALMLY, DIRECTLY INTO A MICROPHONE, AND HE SOUNDS OFF IN THE DISTANCE SOMEWHERE - DOESN'T ANYBODY ELSE SEE ALL THIS??


Sounds as if she is afraid of going to jail for extortion, and she is grasping at straws to save her money grubbing ass.


In all honesty, I'm not on anyone's side with this. Gibby is a dickhead--and no excuses about if he's having a tough time a not. A lot of people have tough times and they know how to compose themselves. As for Octomom's twin, she's milking it for all its worth--I'm talking about injection marks. No shit.


botox injection....so tomorrow will see tape8? or more Sasha?...I think more tapes....
she have 40 hours in her library of Mel temper all taped in one day of course and more picture of botox injections to prove how she was abused by Mel and that is why she deserve his 400 millions

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