Mel Gibson Text Message to Oksana Grigorieva: "I Wasn't Safe For You Last Night"

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Did Mel Gibson admit domestic violence via text message?

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    I think that jana needs mental help as well.
    I can't believe that somebody can write such a crazy thing.
    Oksana is a nice pretty woman...... but many average women are just jeleous of her look. Poor girl...I just comfort her.....any money in the world will not make a person happier and won't heal a broken heart.
    Mel definitely needs psychiatric help!


    I think there are two sides to every story - Mel seems to be a jerk and needs anger management but Osana is a gold digger - if you're doing the taping you have all the advantage - even if real- you can push and prod someone who is angre anyway to saying what you want them to / she is NO innoscent school girl and the only one i feel sorry for if the baby which should be taken away from both of them - this should be settled in court with lawyers, judges mediators not in the press / everyone is tired of Tiger so now they have something else to keep the hollywood press going


    Mel is an alcoholic, a racist, a cheater, a verbal and a physical abuser. And there is proof of all of this.
    It doesn't matter how many wives or kids come to his defence, the proof is there.
    It doesn't matter what Oksana says or how much money she wants or where she's from, the proof is there.
    This man has been unstable for a very long time.


    The woman is a dirty whore and it is written on her face very clearly.


    I agree with Ann ,
    I aslo think if Oksana wasnt telling lies , she wouldnt be asking for all that money .. and she would have done something on january 7th .. Ok Mel may not be a perfect guy or lover .. But Oksana , Dramaqueen . Please its all over her face that shes not telling the truth .. and those text messages .. "he wasnt safe last night " doesnt mean he hit her , i think he just left to calme down ... Of course we all dont really know what happened and who thoses people really are .. His ex wife said he never put a hand on her .. Its very confusing .


    why is everyone picking on Oksana she was verbal and physical abused by Mel Gibson.. I believe her and not him.....

    and i feel bad for her son...

    Did they get married??? he needs help and needs to stay away from her.... he is mean and abusive.........
    She is not trying to extort anything she recorded him to show everyone the way he is .... come on .....


    What kind of monster mother? A Russian one!
    Jana, are you in love with Mel?
    You don't think it's His Purest Christian Being on those tapes? You truly believe the tapes are fake? If so, then you are the one who lost her marbles. Sorry...May be you'll realize what domestic abuse is, when one of your daughters will loose her front teeth...


    looks like radar online lost their marbles.
    This text messages are from same person as fake tapes, baby pimple on Lucia chin? Please stop this madness. What a monster mother will use her own son to cover her lies. Poor Sasha.


    Delilah, do you want to see the actual phone with the text messages in it? May be you should ask the police to show it to you...
    Now, I understand what unconditional love is! It is not for ones child, it is for a troubled star...


    please. radar online can make up anything they want and just becaue they print it does not make it true. show me "hard proof" and then we can talk!

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