Montana Fishburne Used to Be a Prostitute

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Guess this explains her "I have a lot of experience off camera" comment.

Montana Fishburne, sex tape star and teenage daughter of The Matrix star Laurence Fishburne, was once arrested for prostitution, according to court documents.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The Chippy D sex tape by Vivid Entertainment is causing quite a stir, with the latest wrinkle that its star was nabbed less than a year ago for selling her body.

Then just 18, the youngster was arrested on a prostitution charge on November 25, 2009 in the Hollywood area and is still on probation from her conviction.

Chippy D? More like chipping in for some ... never mind.

Montana Fishburne pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 104 hours toward the California beautification project, 15 days of community service, an AIDS test, STD education, plus two years probation - and that last part is where it gets tricky.

As part of her probation, she must abide by these rules:

"Do not offer to engage and do not engage in any form of sexual activity for money or any other consideration. Do not engage or offer to engage in any sexual activity in a public place or a place open to the public or exposed to public view."

Does the Montana Fishburne sex tape violate those terms? Or did she just find a loophole allowing her to make money through intercourse? Clever, if so ...

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maybe she is from a decent home and got all the love she did needed yet there are times of influence outside the home, maybe she thought she get back at someone in her family maybe she didnt want to follow their rules, its everywhere why not there if dad says your cut off until, maybe she said Ill show you, and she degraced the whole entire families name,,,maybe she a brat that needs to just grow up form being spoiled


If she wasn't so...promiscuous, I would go out wit her! I mean she only a couple months older than me!


wow whore much like really life is so not for what she is doing there are so many other things she could do but no she has to be a whore


Seems Dad was out making movies, Mom was doing what ever and there daughter who didn't need the money was selling her body for nickles and dimes down the street because she liked the excitement. This is what to much money and not having your parents around when you need then does to you. I see her on her knees in front of the camera and off for years to cum. Watch for wild sex rumors, and there all true!


You know I feel so sorry for her daddy. He is such a good actor
and didn't ask for such a brat kid. When she's older she'll be sorry or maybe not--she'll be so far gone at that point when she's a broken down old hag. It's a shame she has no self respect
and that's something you find within yourself. I say to her father: Do not quit doing your job; you are too good at it. Hold
your head up. Know that lots of us out here do not blame you and
feel for you.I'd be mortified for the whole world to see my whole whole. Not to speak of the disease and promoting unsafe sex to younger impressible youths


Namaste, Where does it begin or end? Maybe the prosecuters of her have their own stash of porn in their closet. And a history of prostitute-visits. Look how Clinton got it on with Lewinsky. But anyways. This girls has to like sex if she does it for money. I guess her dad has millions of money. So it is not about the money. So the next step is porn. All those girls that Hugh Hefner had with them were mostley prostitutes. Or ex-prostitutes turned into porn or soft porn. They make a living by selling their body's. Maybe they are even worse then the ordinary streethooker. They don't let the whole wide world to see it. But despite all the comfort that money can by. In the end they all end up just as missereble as the ordinary streethooker.
It is the same selling. Most of them can get a normal job. But there easy money. Just as easy as it is spend on only some food, the rent and all the rest can go to drugs to live day by day. This girl will end up the same way. Ohm shanti.




why are we being so critical? isn't this a free country? the people criticizing are prolly avid porn watchers themselves, huh, kinda like the pot callin' the kettle black
judging this girl, porn is a multi billion dollar a year industry, and for us to be judging her decisions i feel is just pure hate,
prolly mad cause u ain't getting dat bread, talkin' bout prostitution and porn, shit what is a relationship? samethang to me, but more expensive.
now back to porn and prostitution some of you ladies wouldn't be able to keep ya man if it wasn't for these things, that escape from reality, i can't speak for every man, but every man that i've gotten to know on an intimate or semi intimate level has revealed through conversation that if they knew they wouldn't get caught they would have sex wit another lady, no matter how much in love they are, but let me quit writing, u have to pay for ghetto editorialized spit like this !!!


TO EDDIE: EEEWWW you fucking discuss me!! Here where it matters, we call it HOOKING!! And please keep your AIDS to your own country! She won't need any help! THANKS BUT NO THANKS!!


i would not have second thaughts doing it with her. she is hot and please you noobs thats her choice. we south african call it freedom.