Montana Fishburne (Chippy D) Sex Tape Released

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Here's a piece of news more shocking than any CSI spoilers: Laurence Fishburne's teenage daughter is about to launch her career ... with a sex tape.

Montana Fishburne, who "works" under the name Chippy D, is starring in a sex tape for skin kingpins Vivid Entertainment. You can learn more here.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

The film is being released this month.

Montana talked briefly about her new gig last week, saying, "The first time is really nerve racking ... but, I have a lot of at-home experience." Nice?

Why would Montana Fishburne go this route at the tender age of 19? Well, she's seen the success of Kim Kardashian and what a sex tape did for her.


No word on how Laurence Fishburne feels about this.

"I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape," the youngster said in a statement.

Now that's the kind of person and career to which any teenager should aspire. Just hope Ray J doesn't make a cameo in Montana's on-screen debut.


i loves this bia


I'm a Nigerian from Benin city.In my country,girls like Montana're goddesses in whatever guise they may be presented & are highly desired.(I've seen phaty rhymes & dimes14).In as much as I'd gladly marry her,or @ least've a relationship wit her:I do not condone her present choice of career.This is because she is a far superior specie to the guys she works wit on screen & her so-called role model-Kim.I'm further saddened by the heart break this has caused her father.


Montana hey you way too respectable for porn movies please don't do it we love your fathers work here in Africa.Think of what you could be doing to his career and his reputation don't you care. God loves you girl let Jesus into your life .Kim khardeshan is the worst specimen of the female gender.Your father is a better role model.The khardeshians are disgusting all of em mother daughters .Have a rethink .
Thank you.
Mckevin from Nigeria.

Avatar can do adult design for her


Montana, u r so damn beautiful. I dont know why u r disgracing your father like that. He would have helped you with your acting carrier if you would have asked him. Please do not act porn, it aint for u. If u luv sex that much u would hv done it without showing it to the world. Im African and I respect your father very much. I love all his films and I think u are as good as he is. Please work hard to the top, it aint that easy to rise. U will luv the fruits u will hv by the end of the day. To earn money in a filthy way. Do u know how many whores that useless guy u acted with fucked? He is a pig and u r turning to be 1. Please leave the porn industry and apologize to ur father. He luvs u, I hv seen him holding ur hands on the internet so many tymz!!!!


I love watching you video,be carefull for STD.i love you.


montana i am a albanian from germany , for you fil i can say i have jerkin off when i saw you you are so hot i like your ass and titts , i want to suck your pussy ! great job montana super.


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you can find a billion porn stars on the internet... montana is no different. however, i wonder if her dad knows that she is really dirty and keeps pissing over and over while having sex? (it is NOT female ejaculation, it is dark yellow!). That would probably bother me more if I was her father as opposed to doing something more


anyone got the beatches number ?

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