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Say about you will about her, Gossip Girl star and up-and-coming rock star Taylor Momsen certainly doesn’t hold back. You may not like her, but she is who she is.

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman is often criticized for being too racy on stage, and in how she dresses in general. These comments are sure to fire up critics, too.

As sources of celebrity quotes go, the 17-year-old is already among the elite. In a recent New Zealand radio interview, Momsen touched on the following topics:

On her band’s song, “Going Down,” about the Catholic church: “I was raised Catholic. I f*%ked a priest once. Just kidding. It seemed like a fitting song to write at the time. It was kind of a f*%k you to all the molestation going on. It was just insane.”

On revealing Taylor Momsen pictures online: “I don’t take [stories about me] to heart; I just look at it this way: My f*%king tampon’s on the goddamn Internet.”

Taylor Momsen thinks she’s so hard.

On whether she’s BFFs with her vibrator: “It doesn’t talk back to me, so it’s really not a best friend … I think women should equally be allowed to pleasure themselves as much as men. I think that if that has any more controversy than a man talking about pleasuring himself, then there’s something wrong with the world.”

“I just think men and women should be treated equally. I’m not a whore for masturbating, so, like, f*%k you if you want to call me one.”

On teen heart throb Justin Bieber: “I don’t know who Justin Bieber is. I only know his name because it keeps being brought up to me … I listen to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, so I have no idea who he is. That’s not a dis; I just don’t know.”

Yeah, right. Follow the jump for the full, seven-minute audio interview:

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