Report: Montana Fishburne Beat the Crap Out of Boyfriend's Ex, Faces Assault Charges

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Montana Fishburne is a porn star and doesn't try to hide it.

No word if she's equally and unabashedly proud of the fact that she is being prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon against her boyfriend's ex this year.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

Laurence Fishburne's 19-year-old daughter was arrested back in February for allegedly barging into the alleged victim's home, forcing her into the bathroom and beating her senseless. According to TMZ, the victim had "significant injuries."

The L.A. City Attorney's Office has charged Montana Fishburne with battery, and will add charges of false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon.

More details from Chippy D's troubled past have come to light.

Montana, who's being repped by Shawn Chapman Holley (the famed attorney for Lindsay Lohan, among others) pleaded not guilty and the case is pending.

Her boyfriend in question, Jerome Greene, was also charged in the attack against his ex-girlfriend, but has already pleaded no contest to domestic battery.

As for Montana, who just released her first sex tape through Vivid (she was just offered a multi-picture deal), she can pile it on the list of legal problems.

She was arrested for prostitution last November, pleading no contest to a lesser charge of criminal trespass and being placed on probation as a result.

If nothing else, the assault case could be a probation violation. Stay tuned.


I feel sorry for Montana but I also feel sorry for Laurence. No one wants to see their child in adult films and having these types of problems. She is really rebelling against something but she needs to go and get help and get over what ever problem she is having with her father. Very sad story.:(


Larry Fishburne might want to try a line from the Color Purple whereby, Miss Ceilly said, "BEAT HER".


Even though Satan has a strong hold on your daughter, don't give up on her Lawrence and keep praying.


She will make a wonderful paid escort at the Bunny Ranch.


eae sou gostosa


BTW, who in the hell is Jeremy Pipes? Looking like a young Dustin Hoffman with an afro! His name should be Jeremy Yikes!


Can u say THUG LIFE?


Konichua, Jesus f....king Christ. Talk about selling your soul in Hollywood Babylon. Great stuff to a Monarch mindcontrol slave. For one procent I don't believe in all that stuff. But there is some weird shit going on in Hollywood! Or in celebretyland. It looks like people there realy have sold their souls. Their lives with fame and fortune are not realistic anymore. In combination with drugs and cheap thrills for big money it is lethal. They end up soulless and hunted into their graves by scandal after scandal. The list of messed up people in showbizzland is endless. One case even more crazier than the others. With the media in all ends in tragic circusshows. Like they are all controlled puppets. One procent of me does not believe all that Illuminatiecrap. But there is a lot of other procents.......where there is time for much resurch. Do your resurch. And find out how spooky these celebrety's can behave. Arrigato.


I would have her comitted. She ia out of control, And i feel it may be too late. A hard head will make a soft tale and this one is going to learn the hard way. Or they can try intervention, just like alcholic chidrn get and drug addicted children. What ever they better do something or chippy -d is going to be one case for the coroner.


Good hope someone beats some sense into her-like her parents should have done!

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