Montana Fishburne Offered Multi-Picture Deal

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Montana Fishburne recently spoke of a passion for what she does.

What the 19-year-old daughter of Laurence Fishburne does is bone on camera, much to his chagrin. The Matrix star is none too pleased with her career path.

It may end up being a regular thing now, too.

It turns out the Chippy D sex tape was such a hit ... the company that released it just offered the young star a multi-picture deal for more of the goods.

Vivid Entertainment officially offered Montana Fishburne a multi-picture deal to cash in on the success ... though it's not clear how many flicks that entails.

Chippie D

Montana Fishburne has become an adult film sensation.

The company's president, Steven Hirsch, says that her adult video debut sold out nationally - more than 25,000 copies, with even more on back order.

We reported yesterday that the Chippy D tape netted her a mere $25,000. If so, she'd better ask for a raise next time. Possible title: CSI: Nether Region.

Laurence Fishburne's friends and attorney Yale Galanter offered to buy up every last copy of Montana's porn for $1 million - but by then it was too late.

The DVDs had already been sent out, and apparently there were more than a few eager customers. It's possible $1 million might have been low, given the interest in the tape - although with one address, they'd save on bulk shipping.


3 fingers up for Chippy D


i don't get why she needs to do this..i mean..she has a famous father..she doesn't need this move..she can get into hollywood in another way..come on,montanna..


25k thats it?


Montana its still not too late to turn this around all around. Heres the plan Brian Pumper is a creep and a known layer and a fame whore. All you have to do is say you got drugged and they force you to do all this and you were off your medication (I'm not trying to be funny). Now go back home, your parents, they love you. Trust me even if you this they don't, they will take you back. I promise you this. They will, porn is a dead end road. This will all calm down in time. Take some time to travel and see the world a bit. You will be ok, but quit this mess now you have a chance. Vivid is not your friend, do some research and talk to some ex porn actors the ones who are still alive. There is no happy endings is this type of work, is abusing dangerous to your health, and demeaning to women. Please run baby girl you are too beautiful.


This stupid story just came out this week and I am already done with this HOE!! This is going to be another Kendra shit and I didn't care than and I don't care now!!


who cares?


Baby Girl really needs to stop it...I swear Hollywood picks anything to run a story on now-a-days...but seriously ur not even cute!!!!!...and I'm tired of hearing about this story!!


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