Jeff Miranda is Dating Snooki

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Snooki from Jersey Shore has a new boyfriend: Jeff Miranda of Millstone, N.J.

It was love at first boardwalk: The reality star was spotted smooching her new man this weekend by the shore in her home away from home, Seaside Heights.

The Iraq War veteran confirms the relationship, and is already standing up for his girl online, too: “People no more Snookie (sic) talk,” Jeff wrote on Facebook.

“Her name is Nicole Polizzi by the way. All I’m saying is we have a great time together. She is an amazing girl and couldn’t ask for any more. I am not making further any comments about Nicole and myself. When the time is right you will be updated.”

Jeff Miranda is "getting to know" Snooki. [Photo:]

The couple spent the entire weekend together getting to "know each other" according to one of Jeff’s pals, and while he wants to keep their relationship on the DL, his friends thinks differently and says he could have other motives.

"I've known Jeff for a long time. The guy is a player," a source says. "This whole Guido thing is something totally new. He's become a gym rat and hooked-up with Snooki to get popularity and fame. Let's face it, the guy wants to be a star."

Jeff Miranda resents the accusation, telling People "If they offered me to be on the show over [dating] Nicole, I’d say no. I said, ‘F— the cameras, let’s run away.’ I want people to stop hating. It’s not about fame, it’s about me being happy.”

In any case, on Facebook, Jeff describes himself to be "crazyyy as motha f*****!!!" and posits that "you only live once so gotta make the best of it."

Profound stuff.

Snooki recently broke up with Emilio Masella after suspecting he was cheating on her and using her to be famous, both of which he's denied repeatedly.

Emilio, who learned she may have smooshed Vinny Guadagnino while they were dating from last week's classic episode of Jersey Shore, is not pleased.


First of all he is to good looking for her, and she doesnt look like she is ready for a real man anyway


omggg! i dated him when i was like 17! me and my girl estee used to chill in his hot tub hahaha. hes a creep!


When I heard all that has been going on with the reality celebrity Snooki and Jeff Miranda, I was not surprised at all! I met Jeff last year at a friends wedding in November. He is absolutely a spotlight whore! The only thing he would talk about was wanting to be famous and acting. He even mentioned auditioning for a role in Twilight but was very disappointed for not being casted. Jeff is a talker, he likes to be in the spotlight. Even before meeting Snooki, yes he did film videos and sent out casting calls on Face Book for his rendition of, You guessed right…�Jersey Shore�. Anyone who knows Jeff knows he’s a fake! He would only take interest in Snooki to seek fame so he can become a reality star has-been…ask anyone!


Is he showing us how he will be double-fisting her??? LMFAO


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