The Hills Finale Recap: The End of an Error

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After six seasons of drama, The Hills ended its run on MTV in appropriate fashion, with cameras panning back to expose just how manufactured that drama is.

More on that in a little bit.

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Supposedly, Kristin Cavallari is moving to Europe, because she "needs a change." Note: she never went to Europe, and she never pined for Brody Jenner. At all.

Elsewhere, Lo and Scott move in together, Audrina decided to get a new house by the beach, and Stephanie is kinda dating that guy Josh now, if anyone cares.

Nowhere to be found, except dressed like an old man outside the finale party? Spencer Pratt. Here's THG's recap of Tuesday's series finale of The Hills ...

FINAL FOUR: The female stars of The Hills at the series finale party.

Stephanie Pratt tells the girls she is happy with her life, while Audrina Patridge says she's still trying to figure hers out. When is she NOT trying to do that? Minus 4.

Brody plays golf with the guys and says he didn't realize things with Kristin would take the turn they did. Yeah, the scripts are sometimes pretty surprising. Plus 5.

Kristin tells Stacie about Brody's girlfriend and admits she's "bummed." We are too. They won't even mention Avril Lavigne by name, and he can do better. Minus 3.

Lo and Scott move in together. Cute. Plus 6, despite the obvious fact they're just looking to kill time with Stephanie and Lo, bit players for much of the series.

"Bored" Kristin tells Brody she's moving to Europe (LOL) for the summer or maybe longer (ROTFL). Naturally, she's having a big goodbye bash with cameras! Plus 8.

Not even an acknowledgment of Spencer Pratt and/or Heidi Montag, Hills? Where did they even go? Did Adam DiVello have Heidi bumped off? We worry. Minus 20.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON? If so, contact local authorities.

Brody finally arrives and says he didn't understand her feelings. Kristin is tearful as Brody says he'll miss her. "Don't leave," he pleads. She wipes a tear away from his supposedly sad face and hugs him. Kristin even says this is a crock. Minus 34.

Audrina isn't going to Kristin's because she wants to move away from the "scene" and avoid bumping into Justin-Bobby. We'd steer clear of the stench too. Plus 7.

Scott to Lo, who he says he would marry right now: "It takes a while to find the right person and you are perfect." Minus 11. Just propose if you're serious, dude.

As Kristin speeds off, cameras focus on Brody with the Hollywood sign behind him ... but it was only a painting, later revealed to show the camera crew and staff. Then the cameras stop rolling, Kristin gets out of the limo and hugs Brody, despite the bull$h!t regarding her leaving. What a giant Eff You to fans. Plus 100.



I know Im late but I feel the need to say. How do you guys not get the ending? It was genius!!! The hills got a lot of criticism saying that it was fake and if you didn't get it the ending was a joke!! Practically insulting all of the haters out there saying "that's right, you'll never know if it's real or fake. You criticizes us but we didn't take it in". That's what the ending was not an fu to the fans, why on earth would any director say fu to fans of there show???? Plus, in the end The Hills Won! They munipulatec people into following the lives of 4 girls, they turned all of the cast into stars, they caused speculation and media attention. THEY WON! I'm not a fan of the show but if you guys can't see the point of this amazing ending......


good riddance to heidi the plastic bitch




okayy, first of all shut up becausee from what im seeing you guys clearly weree watching the show, and obvioulsy you people spent time critizing it. so what if it was fake!? it wass a kool show from what i see becausee it lasteted six yearss ! so dont bee stupidss and if you just didnt like it then you wouldnt be spnding your TIME writig about it on the net. duuuh_;* p,s IT WAS THE BEESST SHHOW EVERR ! ILOOVEEBRODDY


thg plz giv a review of wat u thought of the season all in all like u did with previous seasons


I love how people diss this show yet take time to come online and read and write about it. I'd like to see the people who call it stupid earn as much success as the producers did because this show was a *hit* or it wouldn't have been on for so many seasons!


Obviously everybody is entitled to their opinion, but to me, for the producers to come out and basically say(what we all pretty much knew all along anyway) Ha-Ha! This show is fake, and you are a fool if you spent the last six years of your life watching it! That's why i was surprised that THG gave +100 for that ending. THG usually seems to be against that type of fake B.S. That's why the show has been in the negative all year, so why now award +100 for insulting their loyal viewers(of which i am not) Evidently I'm missing something here...


I totally agree with your +100 at the end for the FU. I think the ending was perfect for this show. For everyone knowing it was a little bit of truth and mostly fake.


I'm confused as to why y'all would give a +100 at the end of the article where you say that The Hills basically gave a big F__ You to their fans(which i totally agree with, btw) My point is why wouldn't you deduct points for that crap? Like -100 instead of +100? Just curious as to your thinking there...


@Hilton Hater - HAHA!

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