Kristin Cavallari: The Hills is Basically All Fake

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Say it ain’t so ... even though we already basically knew! Kristin Cavallari confesses that the relationships you see on The Hills are - gasp - not exactly real. At all.

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    Your videos that start automatically and are sooo loud, well, are super annoying and everyone hates them and everyone knows that so whoever told you it would be a great idea to add to your website, well .....lied.


    I think some parts and people in the show were fake. Spencer, Kristin, Justin and Brody I think all took it as a joke, and all the extras hired by MTV are definitely fake. The sets, Lauren herself confessed were fake. But I think Lauren's personality was all real. Even if the circumstances under which we were shown some conversations etc was iffy, she was for her part I think the most sincere part of the show and hence the most beloved. On the fence about Lo, Heidi, Audrina and Stephanie.


    Even though most of us knew it was a fake show it was still good enough to make us feel as though it was some-what real. i've watch Laguna Beach and loved it (especially w/ Stephen Colletti lol) but when The Hills came on i still followed it i mean even though i took it mainly serious as if it was legitamently happening i knew it was fake for the most part but it was a good show i mean the season finale was kinda sketchy but itwas still good. i think they should a "Laguna Beach/The Hill- Where Are They Now" type of thing just to see who is doingwhat with there lives and shit like that. I'm kinda glad #RetroMTV did the season re-runs of Laguna Beach and The Hills. always gonna be a nice throwback memory no matter if it's fake, they're always gonna be 2 shows that i'll remember and love. :)


    I honestly like the show I can relate to some of the fights also some of the relationship problems. But I watch it to keep up with Heidi Montague, laurn Conrad and Audrina there my favorite ones. As far as Kristin she's drama and if she came on the hills to try to protest herself as a better person well she did a sucky job because she looked like a HOEE and drama filled bitch.


    This show is a beast. I'm totally Heartbroken. #JustSaying.


    ok sooo i liked laguna beach ..and got lost in the hills didten catch on to it ..and everyone knows that its fake i mean come on this is tv ..and mtv lol but i mean the show makes up good drama i mean it gives u something to watch when u are bored ..and the only thing that bothers me about the show is that there are some snobbie rich people on there and u dont ever see like real people ..u only see the skinny girls with money and the rich boys ..give me a show with real life people




    yea i believe it started out in reality tv with LC...following her journey into adulthood but when kristen came it turned more into a drama...i still liked it the same kinda glad it was fake becuz i was really starting to hate how phoney everyone was towards min they're talkin behind kristen's back callin her a crackhead and the next they're all at her house partying...when LC didnt like someone it was for a genuine reason and they stayed out of her life


    Its obviosly not real. Its stupid and extremly BORING! I dont know how anyone can even stand to watch some rich girls have some crappy relationships.


    NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! I think people got this in the second season...thanks for telling us!!

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