Old Man Spencer Pratt Tries, Fails to Crash The Hills Finale Party

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Last night, fans said goodbye to The Hills as the very last episode of the hit MTV reality show aired. We'll have our full recap of it for you in a little bit.

The sideshow taking place was an entirely different matter. To mark the end of an error era, the cast gathered for a live show broadcast in Hollywood.

Spencer Pratt? Not invited.

Unsurprisingly, the fame-hungry outcast turned up anyway outside the Hotel Roosevelt, disguised in a gray wig and beard, wrinkles and a large gut.

Pretty funny, but also sad that he's resorted to such gimmicks. Desperate for attention much? It's like a pathetic, last gasp at any kind of relevance.

Homeless Spencer
Old Man Spencer

OLD AND GRAY: The Hills certainly felt that way by the end. Perhaps this is Spencer Pratt's point? Nah, he just wants attention. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

It wasn't long ago that Spencer caused the commotion. Now he clamors for attention across the street while the real action takes place inside.

Spencer was escorted out by security after trying to enter.

How the mighty have fallen. We're also pretty sure that's his sidekick Emilio Masella, a.k.a. Snooki's ex-boyfriend, behind him and to his right.


wat a douchbag he really is




spencer should be allowed in his is the best preson on the Hills! he's the man!


Spencer Pratt is pathetic. I seriously think that he should have his mental health checked out by a professional.


The asshole actually looks better in his disguise than in real life!


The sad thing is: he doesn't actually look worse in that Phil Spector get-up than he would if he had no disguise on. Maybe there's no sub-basement in Hell.


that's hilarious ...
at least he's funny ..
the other half is a zombie .....


When was the Hills ever relevant?

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