More Kendall Jenner Modeling Pics: SHE'S 14!!!

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Suddenly, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen seem like mature adults, wearing clothing completely appropriate for their ages...

A couple days after new modeling shots of Kendall Jenner hit the Internet, photographer Nick Saglimbeni has released more pictures he recently took of the 14-year old.

Yes, 14-year old. That bears repeating over and over and over, as you check out the photos of Kendall below. They feature the young teenager in a string bikini, fishnet stockings and exposing cleavage that has no business being exposed...

Only 14
In a String Bikini

On their blogs, half-sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian have expressed enormous pride over their sibling's shoot. Writes Kim: "The whole family is so proud of Kendall. Soooo much more to come!"

It's unclear why these photos are cause for pride. Considering the Kardashians' connections, it's easy to hire a photographer and get the pics published. Moreover, any 14-year old can stand in front of a camera. There's no talent or hard work involved here.

There's simply horrible judgment by a family that cares more about attention than appropriate behavior.


kendall yhoe beautiful


you look at most girls today they all dress like this


I see nothing particularly provocative about these pictures. Nothing different than you see at any public beach or pool.


She looks hot on that picture


wtf why is this article so harsh kendall is beautiful so stfu


As another young artist put it, "Why you gotta be so mean??!!" Leave this beautiful young girl should be ashamed of yourselves!


i love anything kardashian and am like happy kendall is an upcoming star too. haters go check your lives and see if its any better


There are some truly disgusting comments to this article. It isn't the Jenners, or the Kardashians who are sick and twisted, but the people who compare a young teenager (no matter how she's dressed) to a prostitute, and call her a slut. Seriously, grow the fuck up.


You know these may be a year old, but I'm gonna comment anyway. Who in the hell thought it was a good idea for a freakin 14yr old to dress like that?!? And people wonder why pregnant teenagers are getting younger, and so are rape victims... not to mention the fact abortion is up, and so is the number of those who don't finish high school or go to college. Kris jenner, you should be slapped, and bruce, you took responsibility fopr these kids when you married the broad, go take another parenting class.


u look so fabulous kendall u go girl ya !!!

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