Kendall Jenner Kontinues Modeling Kareer, Konklusion of Childhood

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We take it back. Charice undergoing Botox treatment may not have been this week's Sign of the Apocalypse.

Instead, that dishonor falls to Kendall Jenner and her most recent set of modeling photos.

The 14-year old half-sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian signed a professional contract a year ago.

She posed for her first official shoot in January, bidding her childhood goodbye and wasting little time entering the world that has produced millions of dollars for her family, along with an equal number of critics who can't believe fans of these people actually exist.

As seen here, Kendall is doing her best impression of her older siblings, donning beachwear for photographer Nick Saglimbeni. Kim, naturally, sees nothing wrong with a 14-year old striking such poses.

"I am so proud of Kendall. She’s going to take over the modeling world... you just watch," Kim blogged last week. “She is truly an inspiration to all young girls out there... follow your dreams, work hard and your efforts will pay off.”

Right. Because Kendall clearly worked oh so very hard to accomplish this goal.

The youngin has made it clear she wants to emulate the careers of Kim and company - but don't get any ideas, Ray J. Put down that phone and put away that video camera. She's only 14 years old.

Kendall Photo

These shots of Kendall Jenner make the outfits worn by Miley Cyrus seem mature and appropriate by comparison.


Shes really pretty im 14 Also and would love to be a model but idk how to start/:


me personaly as a 15 year old girl my self say if u got the looks the baody and the family flaunt what u got but dont go over board with it


She is a child Kris Jenner and you as her mother should make her act accordingly.And Bruce,step up and stop this child from turning out like her big sisters.You have always been the sane one in this family.Let her be a child while you have control of her,when she's no longer a minor then you'll have no say legally!


I meant to say STUPID BAD GIRLS WITHOUT MORALS. Shame on you are a bad mom


I thought that Bruce Jenner was a good dad....he's just like his wfe Chris....that destroyed the other daughters lves.They all look like ''TUPID BAD GIRLS without morals''.


NO dont blame her.. This is all the idea of people behind enterntainment business who lured her & her family into doing this!!! IT's their FAULT


Her mother has been pimping out her daughters for years. She should be ashamed. Next thing you know she will be another Kim.


She is a beautiful young woman. I bet she's even prettier without all the makeup......but hey, it's her call. If she continues to wear that much goop, give her 30 years and then see if it's still attractive. She has wonderful genes, and I wish her all the best.


As a 51 yr old mother, I find nothing offensive about the photos on this page of this teenage girl. She is obviously a beautiful young lady and there is nothing wrong for her trying to make it in the modeling industry. While she may be in a bikini, she is still covered up, more so than most of the 14 yr olds I saw earlier on the beach here today. As far as her or any one of her famous family trying to bank more on their name, isnt that the name of the game anyway these days? If some morons from the Jersey Shore can make money flaunting their stupidity around, far be it from me to take issue with some others using good business sense to make a few bucks, too. Come on folks, this is the land of opportunity....figure out your own opportunity and take advantage of it!


FYI she does'nt COME EVEN CLOSE TO HAVING THE Kardasian beauty...but she can try. She would be a lot prettier if she modeled as a 14 year old girl, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IS IS! I thought for sure daddy bruce wouldn't allow such pictures of his little girls but then the women wear the pants in this family.


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