New Taylor Momsen Video: Too Racy For Her Age?

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Taylor Momsen says she's not Miley f'ing Cyrus.

The two seem to have a similar urge to let their inner bad girls loose, however. Like the Hannah Montana pioneer, this is one Gossip Girl star who can't be tamed!

Taylor's band, The Pretty Reckless, just released a music video for their song "Miss Nothing," and, like Miley, she's already being criticized for being too risque.

She's 16 going on 17 (Monday), but she looks like she's 16 going on 30 in this video, which can be unintentionally funny, edgy, lame and sexy at the same time.

Okay, nix that last part. It's not sexy. Sixteen. So wrong. We're curious to hear what you think, though. Check out the "Miss Nothing" video below and vote in our poll:

What do you think of Taylor Momsen's new video? Too racy?


LOL... I think she has talent and i was impressed by her voice. She also reminds me of myself at 17 - I looked the same way: Hard core attire, lots of black eyeliner, white blond hair, pasty complexion and skinny as a stick! Ah, the memories :) that was 25 years ago!


Haha fucking ha ur saying muleta a whore n that taylor showed her tits at a concert so fick off


She's sounds good. But the video is weak.


@Krista: But Miley Cyrus has left Hannah Montana behind and has expressed on more than one occasion that she is now targetting an older audience (people 16 and older). she's changing her career path. Also, sexuality is a natural part of life. espescially when you're becoming an adult or when you're a young adult. In 3 months she will be 18, an adult. So I disagree that at 17 or 18 she's 'too young to be dressing or presenting herself' in a sexual way.


No way is this 'too racy for her age'. Anyone who thinks this should be illegal is a prude. Taylor Momsen is 17, not 7 or even 12. she's only a year away from being an adult. 17 is not much younger than 18. And Miley? she's less than 4 months away from being an adult. People need to chilax and get over it. Age be damned, Taylor Momsen has a good voice. I think she has the potential to be the next Pink or someone.


dude, her extensions her as bad as mileys...that's really saying something. ew. I mean girl can sing, but she should just not be seen. nopee...raccoon eyes and her pasty complexion do not go together.


aahh kids nowadays


miley is desperate for fame so she has to act like a whore


Miley knows when to stop. She knows there is a line between stage stuff and reality. She has never gone this far. Some of her stuff is a tad short but it was beautiful. It wasn't whore-ish Obviously Taylor does not know the line. COME ON Taylor, the song isn't that good. I think the band members think she is lame. I think they roll their eyes at her antics. They are just happy to get paid. Taylor has to rely on sex to sell her products where as Miley had natural singing talent to begin with. She is more famous than the other disney people because she is a better singer and she has great vibe. Taylor should take notes from her.


I say who cares!

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