Insane Mel Gibson Tirade: Take Three!

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Yet another tape of angry Mel Gibson berating Oksana Grigorieva with the most vile language possible has been released. What could possibly provoke such rage?

Who knows, but the guy needs serious mental help, ASAP.

We've already heard Mel go off on his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his eighth child in two previous phone calls she clandestinely taped. Now a third has been leaked.

In it, he uses ethnic and sexist slurs in a rampage only slightly less crazed than the tape leaked Monday in which he threatens to kill Oksana and admits beating her.

Similar to the first Mel Gibson rant released online, the embattled star hurls offensive slurs left and right, referring to a Latino housekeeper/worker as a “wetback.”

Mean Mel
Oksana G.

What the heck is wrong with Mel Gibson?!

That term is one of the nicer ones used by Mel in the six-minute tape, during which the deeply troubled actor often accuses Oksana of cheating and using him.

Whether she did cheat on Mel or not is unclear, and it is worth mentioning that Oksana could have edited these tapes to paint him in the worst possible light.

This doesn't change the fact that he's a misogynistic a$$hole under investigation for domestic abuse, but there's got to be more to this than we know now.

Anyway, there are too many pieces of shocking dialogue to count, but this one in particular stands out, right before the terrifying phone conversation ends:

Mel: Go look after my child!
Oksana: She’s my child too.
Mel: Yeah I know, unfortunately you c*** w****! I hope she doesn’t turn out like you!

Disgusting and scary. Follow the jump to listen to the full six-minute tirade by Mel Gibson. Be forewarned once again that this is unsettling, awful stuff ...


I heard these recordings on the radio and I felt horrible hearing them. This is nobody's business except for Mel Gibson's and mother of his child. It was wrong of her to record him unknowingly and then release the tapes. They don't make her look good either.


So very sad but I agree something is missing. We're hearing only one side of this. They both need counseling. I had no idea Mel was so verbally prolific. Hope they both work things out for the baby. I was always a fan of Mels but after hearing these tapes (whether he's right or wrong) I don't think I'll be seeing any future movies.


wow! at least this is adult to adult! she knew that mel was an alcoholic after the 1st date and they are abusers!!!!!!!!!!!! she wanted the money and spotlight! if she cared about her child why didn't she take this to court not the media? spotlight and money!!!!!!!!!!! i love mel! he needs help!


narcissim lol
not narcissm hah apparently i am a moron as well.


That's what they BOTH get for cheating on his wife Robin...divorced, a kid with a sl** and laughed at! There are 2 sides to every story and you don"t hear her voice on any of the before and after tapes-but I hope she takes him to the cleaners.


wow, she really knows how to stay under control. poor woman. My sympathy goes out to her! @Chuck. Bless you! i like your thinking! and @doubter. Totally agree that they sound edited. But what do we know? It's weird how she stays listening. i think anyone els would just hang up.


None of you understand Narsissism.....Mel is a pathalogical abusive Narsissist, he has serious mental issues...Any of you who have lived with someone who has bipolar and rages at you for "nothing" who walks on eggshells because you wonder how the partners behaviour or mood will be will understand what Oxsana is talking about. MEL NEEDS INTERVENTION INTO A PSYCHE drugs, no alcolhol........and plenty of talk therapy and insight into his abusive behaviour. Feel saddened for Oxsana.. as his partner and babys mother, it is normal to provde food, shelter and opportunities...Get help've lost your most valuable asset, your family...two of them,,, plus you've lost your marbles. It is you who needs the brain transplant, not Oxsana.


Oh Em Gee! Oksana, run, run, run!!! This man has serious mental issues. Russian and American marriages are unfortunately often lead to culture clashes. Our understanding of marriage and financing during the marriage absolutely differ.


I know he is has lost it... and it really is bad, but she really is not well either and really trying to get every penny out of him. They are both feeding off each other. How can she be broke after 3 years of living off him? And she did... both are at fault. Both fates are sealed. She leaked this and she is just as guilty as him. Really.



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