Mel Gibson Threatens to Kill Oksana Grigorieva, Admits Beating Her in Terrifying New Tape

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The tape of Mel Gibson's racist, misogynistic tirade leaked a few days ago already proved what a disturbed guy he is, but we held out hope that at least Oksana Grigorieva's claim of him physically assaulting her was not true.

Not only is it true, he threatened to do it again ... and worse.

In a new eight-minute audiotape so vulgar and shocking it defies comprehension, Mel admits to hitting Oksana, says she deserved it and threatens her further.

This recording makes the previous Mel Gibson rant look tame.

Mel’s deeply disturbing remarks on the tape, which you can listen to after the jump (it is extremely upsetting) could be a powerful piece of evidence against the star in the criminal investigation that is being conducted by the authorities.

An Oksana Pic

Mel Gibson needs serious help. Now.

Rambling and so enraged that he's gasping for breath, Mel pants heavily in between vile insults on the tape, at times nearly incapable of speaking. It's not an exaggeration to call this the most bizarre, infamous celebrity meltdown in history.

Equally strange? That Oksana remains perfectly calm throughout, presumably because she's taping it. Not that Mel's conduct is in any way justified, but there are no words capable of describing this ... no one should ever be THAT worked up.

What could have happened to trigger this kind of rage?

In any case, the tape, if legitimate, which it certainly appears to be after we've listened to it twice, the tape is not only big trouble for Gibson in the domestic violence investigation, but for his career prospects. It's that bad.

It's so much worse than you think, we can't come close to doing it justice, but you can listen to the entire Mel Gibson tirade here if you can stomach it ...


I agree, he is full of pain and rage because he's hurt. He gave up his whole family for her, breaking all the rules of Catholicism, and probably realized she was just using him. I don't advocate violence either, but I would be pissed if I were him.


Wow, Mel is so disgusting!!! I used to like him.. I'm glad everyone can hear the truth about him "I don't have any friends" he is shouting. Wonder why?


Magdelena, stop referring to yourself as a heartbreaker whose hurt sound narcisissitic...Mel Gibson is aging nd his brain is deadening from alcohol abuse...he is a diagnosed manic depressant (bipolar disorder) ..... he abused....don't defend him...he needs help.


@ anna
well i'm sorry to say this, but first of all it is very ignorant how you putting Russian women and yourself on pedestal!! what do you think ya'll so special or something?? i am Bosnian,and what,should i go and say: cheers to Bosnian women!!?? hahaha...that's so lame!
and it's a known fact,whether you accept it or not,that Russian chicks are mostly a gold diggers and a lotta of 'em that i know,are sluts and cheating on their husbands and boyfriends!!! so don't you try to sell philosophy how ya'll wonderful and awesome!!


1. when it comes to people calling her a gold-digger. She is 40 years old; she born her first child at age 39. For many women at this age it's the last chance to have a child. About "she is the age of his daughter" He is 54 and again she is 40.. she looks much younger. Is this her fault? 2. From comments -> "He sounds like every man" . He does not sound like every man, he sounds like abusive, violent and controlling man and crazy... 3. From comments -> She is young and beautiful, she did something to provoke him..... I heard it many times about me... I will be 50 soon, my ex-husband is 40, our child is 5 .. and still I did something to provoke his jealousy and outburst... Come on people... Cheers to Russian women, I am Russian by myself and proud to be Russian woman.

@ anna

he is a person with a fully broken heart he has feelings like u and me what the does russian or any race have to do with this? this is a description of heart broken she's a evil bitch that she probably played with his emotions shes just a slut she has that skanky bitch look on her face


Psychopath, egocentric, and violent what a lovely description of a man who claims to love woman. What about love is pasient, love is kind? After listening to the recording it sounded like he was irate because she didn't join him in the jacuzy to b...him. Ay ya yay! Please! He needs to stop taking those little blue V....a pills and start taking valume. He's not the handsom YOUNG man he once was. He should have wisdom and experience to draw upon. Oksana is young and beautiful, and he was not wise enough to love her, cherish her, and keep her sewpt off her feet. A woman's love and desire are not fuled with threats of barial in rose gardens. Tender words and gentle loving hands as well as concer for his child's well being could have resulted in the evening he wanted. Instead he self destructed.


Why do we act like this is so unusual? He sounds like every man whose heart I ever broke. Provoking pain in a human being's emotions is the worst pain of all. I have seen it. And I knew when it was happening that it must be the worst of all pains. I have never known romantic heartbreak myself, but I cannot fault Mel Gibson for this tirade. That lady is a feeny lass. She did something provocative (yes just like I have in the past to men), and then she taped him while she sounded calm and collected. Believe me - she was not. She was snickering to Alecia or whomever about how much she would get for this latest ploy to pull out all the stops on his rage. Not even Mel Gibson, who has admitted to a short fuse, would just bottle rocket off like that for NO REASON. C'mon. Common sense tells you that she hurt him badly. It sure would have been nice if he'd said what she had done to cause him this pain. "You hurt me so bad..."


I'm with Sara on this one, she is sounding and acting conditioned to this atmosphere, so let her live in it. But not her children, they have done nothing to earn this. Mel is nothing but a drunk with a nasty attitude and mouth to match. He has NEVER been anything but that and he NEVER will. Enough of people making excuses for him and his behaviour. So ask his ex what he was like to live with......better yet, ask his kids. I'll bet this behaviour was usual. If this is because of booze, then M. needs to realize he is awfully allergic to it and stay away from it forever. If not, leave him by the side of the road with the rest of the trash and let's move on to something positive. I'm tired of reading about his antics. He needs to fade away, soon.


Obviously Mel is pissed...Let's put this into context you hypocrites. When she says that he doesn't love her, it is bullshit. You only get this enraged when you feel enough for someone to be this upset. She is obviously putting on a show because she is taping it and therefore is acting calm and patronizing. I am honestly pissed off that Mel is getting such a hard time for this. Yeah he is saying some dumb things, but he obviously cares enough for this woman to cause him to react in such a way.


It's just the same song and dance and if we read between the lines, we'll realize its a bit of shit!

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