Mel Gibson Rant: Leaked, Profoundly Disturbing

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Mel Gibson's alleged racist tirade directed at Oksana Grigorieva is no longer alleged - the audio has been leaked, and it's even more disturbing than you think.

The enraged star can be heard below unleashing a profane, sexist rant against the mother of his baby daughter, using the N-word and other derogatory phrases.

Gibson accuses his ex-girlfriend of lying about fake breasts and trying to breastfeed eight-month-old Lucia, saying she dresses like ... we can't even repeat it.

Previous reports about Mel Gibson's racist tirade couldn't do justice to the hatred in his voice as his rage builds to increasingly palpable levels. It's kind of scary.

Whether or not he physically attacked Oksana remains unclear, but when you listen to the recording below, you won't find that allegation hard to believe either.

Be forewarned, the language Mel uses is extremely vile ...

Sickening. That these words and phrases even exist in the vocabulary of any person is deeply upsetting. What an absolute lowlife and disgrace to humanity.

UPDATE: If you thought this was bad, it gets way worse in a longer, more explosive recording leaked days later. Listen here to Mel threatening to kill Oksana.

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Mel has actually come out and said he is bi polar and has episodes from time to time with this disease. And for Joe or any other shmuck to air his episodes is just plain cruel. I hope Mel sues this Joe jack a-z-z for all he's worth. Mel has a medical condition and is human just like the rest of us. But because he's a celebrity it makes news. I have cut and pasted for you what I found on the internet. Academy Award-winner Mel Gibson talked about his bipolar disorder in a 2002 documentary. Some of his recent brushes with the law might have been the result of his illness.


ye good for you mel, slutty women should be treated like that, and raped by gangs of nigga's! eat that bitch!


As soon as Mel stated anything anti-semetic, that was the end of him. The Jewish lobby is so powerful controlling the media, finance and politics that anyone vaguely negative towards Jews or Israel is finished and blacklisted forever.


LEAVE MEL GIBSON ALONE..,,,this media frenzy is Ridiculous...give me a break...he is a human ,,Not perfect..any man argue with his wife and feeling hurt and used will do the same,,,but unfortunately Not every man have a bitch gold digger girlfriend recording him...this is a set is a conspiracy,,Wake up people


Well, we have all heard for ourselves Mel's threats to Oksana. What we have NOT HEARD was Mel denying that he said those things and that the recordings are fabricated. So why is he not in jail for threatening her life? Sounds to me like he has someone other than Oksana in his pocket.


Teri, your post states: "teri Says: July 14th, 2010 12:16 PM Leave Mel alone. Let him who is without Sin cast the first stone! If he wasnt a celebrity trust me this would mean nothing, but because of who he is every one wants a piece of him. No one is perfect and we all fall short of the Glory of God." Well let me ask you... Did you say those same things during the OJ double murder trial?


By Mel's own admission in the recordings, he had left his wife and family for Oksana. Which should tell everyone that he is not 'the fine upstanding great guy' some of you are insisting that he is.
Did Oksana put a gun to Mel's head to get involved with her? No. Do you think Oksana held Mel down and raped him? No. Did anyone hear him hollering for help? No. Do you think he could not get away from her if he realy, really wanted to? C'mon. Do you think he did not have his own agenda for associating with her? Of course he did! Do you think that Mel is clueless as to how babies are made?
Of course he's not! Do you think Mel could not keep her away from him, or screen calls from her if he really wanted to? Please! Do you think that his behavior is an acceptable way of treating your partner?


Movie star or not, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE!


To those of you that are trying to justify Mel's abuse by saying "it is none of anybody's business" or "it was a private matter" then consider this... YOU obviously read the articles and/or listened to the recordings enough to post about it. So why aren't YOU minding YOUR own business? Is it wrong for anyone else to read about and/or post about this, but not wrong for you to do so? You're as hypocritical as Mel!


Why not fix Mel up with Naomi Campbell, the so called 'supermodel'?
He can rant at her then she can belt him.

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