Joe Jonas is "Smitten" with Ashley Greene, Sources Say

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Ah, so this is why he showed up at the London premiere of Eclipse.

While we're always happy to see the cute mug of Joe Jonas, we were perplexed by his presence at last month's event. Turns out, he's less a fan of The Twilight Saga in general than he is of a specific aspect of it:

Ashley Greene.

Sources tell OK! Weekly the two stars have grown close over the last few weeks, as they attended a King of Leon concert together recently and "there was definitely something going on, but it’s not serious," says an insider.

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Joe J.

Another source - who refers to Green as a "maneater" - says Joe is "smitten" with the actress, but the feelings aren't exactly reciprocated: “I think he wants it to be more than she does right now."

Jonas is coming off a break-up with Demi Lovato, while Greene has been linked romantically to guitarist Jared Followill. If these two ever did get together, they'd have solid nickname potential.

Gonas? Jeene? We could get behind either option.


Can you Say "Rebound Chick?!?!"


he's going to do the same thing with her like he did with taylor swift and demi i think he is gay thats why he don't kepp a gf to long


but ashley is older then him o.m.g


this gotta be a joke she´s a real woman and he´s just another guy .that kind of couple is just so ridiculous as my user name. I can believe anything but this and if they´re together well that´s odd.The guys wants it all HUH?


That is nasty...


Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas aren't dating or seeing eachother!Ashley confirmed via Facebook stating "WE ARE NOT DATING!!Like we already said we're good friends,and nothing more!"

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