Father of Joe Jonas to Demi Lovato: It's Over!

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It seems like only last week Demi Lovato was gushing about Joe Jonas and even thanking fans for her relationship with the singer.

Oh, wait... it was!

Now, just days later, "impeccable sources" allegedly tell Perez Hilton that Jonas has ended it with Lovato - in an astoundingly, hilariously immature way.

"Joe had his dad call Demi to break things off," an insider claims.

We're working to verify the rumor of this break-up and the way in which it was supposedly handled. But we can say this: Perez Hilton may be a self-serving, talentless moron who draws penises on photos because he finds that funny, but he does typically come through with reliable information.

Fortunately, pals of Demi say the recent Grey's Anatomy guest star "had a good cry" but is doing okay: "Demi is single and already exploring her options."

Hear that, Nick Jonas? Make the call!

Demi and Joe are still expected to go on tour together this summer. That could be more awkward than a meeting between LeBron James and Delonte West.

** UPDATE: Lovato has released this statement:

"There are so many crazy rumors flying around today. I'd like to clear a few things up. First, Joe and I did split but it wasn't over the phone. Things didn't work out but we'll remain friends. Secondly, I am NOT dating anybody already. Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my fans. Just thought you guys should know this."


Aw,so sad they broke up, but where they dating when they were shooting camp rock? I think joe and demi, are perfect for each other though, joe seemed hotter in camp rock1 than camp rock 2!!


Yo I think u done the wrong thing because u and demi look great together. Im really am sad dat u r not together no more.


joe you and demi were looking so cute together its really sad that you guys are not together


dear joe
you have done a great job by breaking up with demi as i hated demi very much.and you are chemistry was very bad . you should date someone who is u r type cool,good singer, and plz mature not like demi. ok.


Well... It's not meant to be to date your best friend. It weird and immature. Can a guy be close to a girl without dating them? Uhm yes.. BFF! Once best friends date it never works out and when you finally realize that it would be too late even though they look cute 2gether!


you are the b-e-s-t singer!


well.......Joe Jonas is NOT gay.....but i gotta say dat....he n Demi looked cute 2gether........seems dat Demi was more in2 d relationship than Joe was.......uh should look at d pixx in wich they r 2gether.....(after they got 2gether i mean !)..n i dont think Joe had his dad give a break up call 2 Demi.....let it b PRIVATE......dat guy deserves sum PRIVACY.....


joe jonas is as manly as justin bieber and demi lovato is as dumb as miley cyrus for going out with him in the first place. Let there stupidity and gayness stay away from us all


joe is not gay you can here it through his voice you would now right a way if he was


I think the 800-pound gorilla in this room is the fact that little Joe really doesn't like girls too much, no?

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