Has Megan Fox Undergone Plastic Surgery?

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Apparently bored of conjuring up rumors about Bragenlina and Robsten, a pair of international tabloids have set their sights on Megan Fox.

In their latest issues, New Weekly and Famous - the same random magazines that claimed Brad and Angelina were finished last week - both made the following assertion: Fox has undergone plastic surgery.

While such an admission by Kim Kardashian is hardly news, this is the first time anyone has alleged Fox's ridiculous beauty is anything but natural. Study the supposed before-and-after cover photos below and come to your own conclusion:

A Foxy Cover

The actress married long-time boyfriend Brian Austin Green on June 24 and likely couldn't care less what Famous reports about her.

Still, we're curious: Do you think Megan Fox has undergone plastic sugery?


Honestly, i don't think she's had much done at all. She's a beautiful woman to begin with. Yeah, maybe her lips were done but just because one picture might look different than another doesn't mean she had a nose job or if her boobs are slightly bigger in one picture doesn't mean she had a boob job. It's called photoshop, people enhance the pictures to make it seem as though she changed drastically. Even if she did have anything done, who are you to judge her? It's HER body, not yours. The people who wake up in the morning and dont look like Megan Fox have it in for her. She's still amazingly gorgeous whether she had surgery or not. Stop obsessing, leave the girl alone. Damn.


she looks a mess lol ...
i wonder y everyone gets the huge pronounced cheeks
kim k
megan fox


Don't laugh, but you know who else was pretty pre-surgery? Pamela Anderson (no really). I've seen rare photos of her from way back in high school without the layer of makeup she sports now.


This girl is majorly addicted to tweaking her face, it's like she gets an extreme makeover every few years. It's not good.


Obviously she has gotten plastic surgery, whether it was to look like Angelina Jolie is speculatory, but almost all celebrities have tweeked something at some point. I personally think the new stuff looks terrible, but I understand why she did it. No matter how beautiful other people say she is, when she looks in the mirror all she sees is what's wrong with herself. After you do one surgery, it's addicting and its hard to know when to stop. All of these celebrities are so superficial and self-conscious, when coupled with being rich as well, this is what you get. A bunch of plastic people that are shells of themselves in all media facets telling us that what they have is "real beauty". Eff Hollywood.


It's true, this girl has been getting plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures since way back when. In Transformers after the first few procedures she actually looked really pretty, but after that and doing all those unnecessary extra tweaks in her face the dermal fillers, botox, lip injections she just looks super old. She should have stopped after Transformers, if she keeps it up she's going to keep looking older and older. There's tons of pictures to show how much she's had done because there's quite a noticeable difference in her face in the pics, she even admits as some of the pics here are in allure mag that it is her herself. Anyways she should have left well enough alone. Cher was also very pretty before she underwent all that surgery too, so was Janice Dickenson but I guess that's what happens when you go overboard.


This sucks. I thought Megan Fox was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Now, for all intents and purposes, the only way to see that woman is by watching Transformers. She looks like Angelina Jolie now, and I can't stand Angelina Jolie. Is there an "undo" button for plastic surgery?


wow she is dumb as a brick. she looked 100000000 times better before she did any kind of surgery...shes rediculous. looks like a tranny and a washed up 40 year old. ew. i think she just ruined her career bc i dont see how anyone would want to hire her she looks absolutely awful.


TO Jezebel: NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! No one was claiming that she looked great! She never need the surgeries in the first place so who are you calling a biatches-hope it wasn't use cuz we are all on the same page!


Listen up, dumb biatches: plastic does NOT make you look better.

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