Another Day, Another Mel Gibson Rant: Enraged Star Bashes Oksana Grigorieva, Timothy Dalton

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Seething, swearing, jealous and flat-out annoyed, Mel Gibson tears into Oksana Grigorieva and her former lover, Timothy Dalton, in his latest phone rant.

Like the previous six Mel Gibson rants, this tirade appears to have been recorded February 18 and features awful insults, threats and language from Mel.

Dalton, the former James Bond star, is the father of Oksana’s 12-year-old son Alexander. For whatever reason, he was the subject of this particular rant.

“Did you get my last message about me being a bad father, and Tim being a great dad now?” asks Mel, somewhat calmly, before flying off the handle.

After Oksana Grigorieva softly says “no,” Gibson continues: “You didn’t hear that? Well, you should go and f*%k him, you fickle c**t, because I don’t care!”

Hmm. Yeah ...

THOSE DARN SMOKES: Mel was just trying to quit, okay?!

Gibson, who was trying to quit smoking and accused Oksana of an affair with their landscaper, tells her to go have sex with someone else in front of her son.

“The game’s over,” the disturbed actor says. “The game’s over. Let the new games begin so you can get it on with anybody else and your son can watch it. What is it? Number 45 he’s going to have to look at? F*%king good.”

“I’m so f*%king sorry I had a child with you.”

He and Oksana are battling for custody of eight-month-old Lucia.

As with his previous tirades leaked to Radar Online (reportedly by her sister), Mel expresses general hatred for Oksana, and accuses her of being a phony.

“I despise you! I don’t want you back. You have proven yourself to me. You’re not the f*%king woman I want. You’re a f*%king fake. You’re a f*%king sham. You don’t know what the f*%k it means to make a man happy ... you glum c**t!”

The tapes are at the center of three investigations: Officials are looking into allegations that Mel beat up Oksana on January 6, while Oksana is being investigated for extortion and the Department of Children and Family Services is also looking into it.

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Whose side are you on?


I am extreamly happy mel gibson was exposed as the arse he really is.This guys needs a reality check if he thinks he is all that OR IF he thinks he will ever be anyones friend again. I am outraged by his nasty mouth remarks.I hope and pray he gets all that he deserves,(NOTHING)
I will never be able to see him again in the same light again.
Good for u mel,,,Now you got HATERS.


Curses to Gibby and Ox.


yep she is a gold digging whore lol he shouldnt have hit her (if he did) but she also shouldnt be a gold digging whore (and thats what she is) i would be pissed too if i were him. but he shouldnt go off sounding like a crazy person. i cant help but laugh at both of them. but i do hope mel wins.


this psycho is the one who chose her, not the other way around, no one forced him to have a child with her; he may not have to give her money, but he will be paying for his child; its clear that he is a psycho nut, an on-the-verge of losing it, with rage making him crazy...a brute beast who has no respect for her, and whats more, belittling her sons character, by calling him what he did....i hope he gets the book thrown at him and gets the maximum penalty...his ego is the size of California...


Mikki that tapes are FAKE, they are some as that pimple on the baby Lucia face and said to be bruise. Look Oksana camed to England through Sergej Kuzmin dear family friend. .... Novaya Gazeta..May 13, 2009........... G Petrov, Sergej Kuzmin, A Malyshev share higher place in the russian mafia. Together thay were involved in banking compasnies in Spain. Kuzmin is a felon and carrier criminal. He is connected to his friend Barshukov, both arrested and jailed. Barshukov was charged with planning a murder, arranging a murder, and with violent seizure of property. Mel Gibson was framed and trapped by Oksana. These tapes are fake. I do believe that TRUTH will come out and Oksana will go to jail where she belong as her russian mafia friends. God please keep Mel Gibson and his family in your care, help baby Lucia and help poor Sasha. Amen.


Jana needs help....1000000000000% there is no excuse for abuse...Oksanas baby is an man should be ranting and have threatening behaviour over the baby and sounding off profanities with her son nearby....Are you a narcissist too Jana? You don't make me happy Jana, perhaps you should live with might be what he needs..someone who sucks up to him and approves of violence ..yet see it as doing no wrong....your his dream girl...


Yep.....don't ignore Mels Narcissistic behaviour.....Its all about Mel....Well, his game is over...Mel has been found out......He is a psychopath, vulgar and verbally abusive and threatening....Mel is in serious need of help and Insight....the alcohol and smoking has cooked his brain. Lilyx your 100% spot on.....pauline why don't you write out a licence for men to abuse women with your sick have got no idea....anyd by the way, I was very much a Mel Gibson fan, loved him in fact in all movies, but today, with his substance abuse and aging brain, failing looks, he needs psychiatric help....Now.


There are people who have a relationship, and there are people who should have never met. When a so-called relationship gets this vulgar,the one thing that these two should agree on is to go their seperate ways. No woman deserves to be degraded like this,
and no man deserve to place himself in heart attack mode by a woman that he claims to no longer care for. These two remind me of the song "neither one of us, wants to be the first to say goodbye". There is nothing left to salvage here,they each should just "go their own way".


Mel Gibson is a Psychopath


I miss the dog from Mad Max,i think that was Mel's best friend ever.

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