Oksana Grigorieva Abuse Photo; Were Injuries Caused By Mel Gibson or Self-Inflicted?

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The Mel Gibson tapes are disturbing and reveal a terrible temper, but Oksana Grigorieva is still lacking for evidence that the actor physically attacked her.

Until now ... maybe.

Earlier this morning, Radar Online posted a photo of Oksana taken hours after she claims Gibson punched her in the face during a January 6 altercation.

The image is part of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department's ongoing investigation of the deeply troubled actor, who may face domestic violence charges.

It’s also being used by Oksana in her custody battle with Mel over their eight-month-old daughter Lucia. You can see the awful photo for yourself here.

The question is: Did Mel Gibson do it?

The OG

Not necessarily. Oksana says he punched her twice in the mouth, knocking out her teeth and giving her a concussion. But is the pic consistent with that claim?

According to TMZ, Oksana's teeth were not damaged, despite her dentist submitting in a declaration that one veneer was knocked out and another damaged.

Experts who have analyzed the photos believe that Grigorieva's injury is inconsistent with being punched in the mouth since there is no soft tissue damage.

In other words, it may have been self-inflicted and this is a shakedown.

There is "no evidence of external or internal damage," a law enforcement source told the celebrity gossip site. Mel has denied physically attacking Oksana.

Gibson's lawyers are expected to accuse Oksana of trying to extort Mel out of more than $10 million in return for keeping the tapes of his tirades private.

As for the rant in which Mel apparently admits beating Oksana, telling her she deserved it after she referenced him punching her, that's questionable too.

Mel's legal team wants taped rants thrown out as evidence because of "strong evidence" they were edited and tampered with ... it's all extremely weird.

Basically, the Gibson tapes are what they are - in terms of vulgarity, and proving in chilling detail that one of Hollywood's biggest stars needs serious help.

But there's also so much we don't know: Why he is SO angry? Were the recordings altered? Is her injury really self-inflicted? Will either face charges?

That we'll have to wait and see.


what a surprise! How many kids does mel have? If he was such a tyrant, wouldn't we have heard it by now? Ya, he screwed up before and said horrible things but then got down on bended knee and apologized. He may not be perfect but I doubt that the tapes are authentic or that he went on the verbal tirades he is supposed to have-(didn't even sound like him to me). The media jumps on it and puts it out without any research or authentication. How shameful is that? Same media seeks a pass for Polanski-is there anything worse than drugging and raping a little girl? Probably go after Mel cuz he has said he is a Christian.-remember, not perfect(FARRR from it)-just forgiven.


When will these older men learn and get off their high horse. They think these fly by night whores want them for them cause they think they are so great. We know that a stiff dick has no conscious. so start using your real brain instead of your other faulty brain and realize these whores only want your money. It's called a free ride! Show up on your arm, make a baby and then bye bye! It's so pathetic. It's obvious that those tapes were made with a motive in mind. She's no dummy. I'm sure she gets money from Timothy Dalton and from whoever is the father of her other child. But they always want more. And for that crap they leave their wife and family?


When you listen to the tapes you get the feeling that she is staging the entire thing. She sounds like an actress playing a role when she talks. I am not a fan of Mel Gibson at all, BUT, do think she is playing him for a fool and wants to squeeze as much money as possible from him. She probably had the baby to trap him.


IF Oksana was fearful of Mel after he allegedly hit her, then why did she stay with him for several months after? I think she tried to extort him for more $$ and when she didn't get it, she tape recorded him and had a friend 'leak' the tapes. This is punishable by a fine and/or jail time. IF Mel did indeed hit Oksana, then he needs to be charged and proper steps, including psychiatric help, needs to take place. From what I've seen and heard, I don't believe he hit her. Her broken tooth does not look like it was from being punched in the face. There is not split lip, bruise or swelling on the mouth. I also believe the tapes are edited because some of the comments do not follow what was said previously.


Self inflicted.


pay back is a bitch..mel i guess u should of stayed with your wife instead of running around with other women... your like the dog in heat.


She is so seriously in controll, as the Russian woman she is and has no need to take any hits from this super-stud star. It is no gamble, and her attack is like Tiger's wife/mistress stuff, and she'll probably walk with fame and fortune. To anyone like myself with a weak persona, I'm flabergast over this, and it bigger a story than BIG! The only problem is one of them might get the bullet, and it's not a good idea when their is a kid.


Her injuries weren't caused by Mel, nor were they self-inflicted. She's just an ugly bitch!


Aww, she baited, Mel bit. Two of a kind=user and abuser. Things went south, she needed money to survive, jumped into the popular hoe shake down, Mel furious over being conned himself. He's a typical narcissist....he does all the using/abusing. She got to him, he's furious and out of control anyway. They got into a battle of the wills....what generally always happens when two sociopaths collide. It's all about the $$ and fame. Come on Mel, pony up the $$, you play, you pay. Ask Tiger.....


joyride - this is not his wife, it's the woman he cheated on his wife with. big distinction. we HAVE heard his voice on tape, saying a lot of very bad things. all this article is doing is presenting the other side, in fact being more than fair to Mel in at least trying to put the tape in some kind of context or showing the possibility that she is not the innocent victim she claims. No one is talking about Mel's right to work, and if he can't find it as a result of this, that's the employer's right. Don't paint him as some sort of saint - have you HEARD the tapes?

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