Danielle Staub to Real Housewives of New Jersey: You Need Me!

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Danielle Staub is many things - attention-starved, pornographic, spoiled, self-centered, egomaniacal, exploitive of gays - but we must add something to that list, based on a new interview with Parade:

She's right.

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The bat $hit crazy Real Housewife of New Jersey tells the magazine explains how this Bravo show would be nothing without her; and, really, can anyone argue with that? As much as viewers hate on Staub, they still watch her every week.

"Quite possibly without me they don't have a New Jersey Housewives," she says. "No one would tune in to watch the ham game. Or watch Jacqueline drink wine at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I don't think people are entertained by that. But what they do tune in for is to watch them talking about me and me trying to stay away from them.

"It's incredible what a platform they've given me. So I have to say, 'Thank you, ladies. You're nothing without me on the show.'"

She has a point, one we make each week in our Real Housewives of New Jersey reviews: Why do these people continue to associate with Danielle if they hate her so much?!?

Staub was really on fire throughout the interview. A few more excerpts follow:

On social networking backlash: Why do these women not want to be around me, yet all they do is talk about me, tweet about me, Facebook about me, hire people to tweet about me and Facebook about me? And even have all their kids doing the same thing? It's a disgusting waste of time.

On the Manzos: I don't know where they are and what they are doing because I block them. I don't find their lives to be that interesting. Ham game? I think it's a disgusting waste of food.

Does she have any regrets? Not one regret. I said it in Season One, everyone will be exposed. I meant that in a real way. I got exposed from them digging up stuff about me from 25 years ago. I haven't dug at all. I haven't investigated them. Teresa said at the finale, 'I have no skeletons in my closet.' Really? You're 11 million dollars in debt, sweetie pie. And you're in your 30s.

On getting a spin-off: Danielle getting her own spin-off show would be fantastic. The Staub girls are a triple threat. It would be me and my daughters and then you'd get to see my entire family as a part of the show. And I do have a lot of business ventures, between my kids and I, and I'm managing their careers.


Danielle, let's test it out. Leave the show and if it fails you were right. I would say you are wrong and would turn the show back on.


I cannot stand Danielle I think she is crazy and totally dilusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Had the pleasure of meeting the glam fab Danielle Staub at one of her recent book signings. She was and is the picture of class. She's 100% right about the show. Without her, it would be like watching paint dry. Those other bitches can't even run a story line without Danielle. Other then Jacqueline's alcohol problem, and Teresa's money problems (which I won't laugh at no matter what a dispicable sow she is), there is nothing else. Danielle and her wonderful daughters (the only well adjusted kids on the show), deserve their own show. Bravo needs to recognize that lady D is the breakout star, and stop worrying about Dina's mental problems, etc.


danielle was in jail 25 years ago. go to church and relearn the 10 comments. all the bitches.
let her a lone.I hope I get to meet you 4 ass holes


danielle you are a fame whore and a scum bag phoney.... get a life you b---h


danielle you are a trecherous b---h. the show will do fine without you because your frien kim g will fill your shoes you a-- h--e. I hope theresa beats the crap out of your skinny ugly face. And I hope that half pint imitation of a man( with no class get kicked off the show)


I have to agree without Danielle, without her it's not worth watching !


the worst thing about danielle is that she can't tell famous from infamous. (or distinguish "woman from women", for that matter). i won't even get into her cliche affected speech patterns and lingo. blasse and horribly unoriginal. much like her. her 30 minutes were up a long time ago. how about a cliffhanger like "who shot danielle" ?


Danielle, i can not stand you!! I would say I hate you but you might threaten to go to the police. HAHA You are PATHETIC!! You are the most obnoxious person, self-centered person who clearly thrives on attention! I used to love Real Housewives but honestly, now, when you come on the tv with your screaming and complaining, I change the channel. Please get off the show and GET HELP you psycho!!


Please do all of us a favor and leave the show. How dare you think the whole show is about YOU, You are in desperate need of help!! I feel so sorry for your daughters, and how dare you make your teen daughter work instead of you getting a real JOB!! STOP liviving off of your teenage daughty, u make me sick! Everything about you is fake, you have no money yourself, so now you're living off your daughter SHAME on YOU, that money should be put in trust for her futue, lik college. iI would want to hide if you were my mom. How embarresed they feel about you.

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