Tiger and Elin Woods Reunite For Daughter Sam's Birthday, Barely Keep it Civil

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For Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, it's no longer a question of whether or not they'll remain together, but whether or not they'll remain civil toward each other.

The pair reunited for the first time in months this past weekend to throw a birthday party for their daughter Sam, but were just barely civil with each other.

Elin Nordegren and Her Children

According to sources, the party for Sam (whose birthday was June 18, during the U.S. Open) was scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday and was to last two hours.

Tiger didn't show up until 4:55, however, and he brought his office manager Kathy and another woman with him, making Elin Woods understandably angry.

Fortunately, "they put aside their differences for the good of their daughter when a big birthday cake rolled in," a source familiar with the situation revealed.

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"Clearly this was Tiger trying to make it up to Sam. He wasn't there on her birthday so he wanted to have a party for her and be there," the source added.

Despite the strained relationship between them, "Elin went along with it. Despite their differences they both want to do what is best for their children."

In any case, Tiger and Elin spending time together for Sam's party was a rare event, even though Elin lives in a rented house approximately a mile away.

He's already playing the field again, supposedly. Whether those rumors are true or not, things have passed the point where reconciliation seems possible.

Sources close to the pair say that Tiger and Elin are about to sign a divorce settlement and that it's almost official, although nothing has been signed yet.

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he couldn't even show up on time for his own daughters birthday pary,maybe he was in the back seat of his suv with one of his many sluts. tiger is nothing but a DOG...


There is a ruse divorce coming. Tiger,Elin the kids will move to Jupiter Florida where his mother also has built a home.
Elin will not divorce but tell the everyone they have. If Tiger shows Elin his new self they will Renew their vows.
I learned all this by the false info put out daily.


Tiger is an ugly person inside and out. He is a narcissistic, conceited, cruel, over-sexed, egotistical weirdo who can only love himself. He doesn' care about his children. As he said himself, he only cares about sex and golf. Any visitation with his children should be under supervision as he may very well have a couple of slutty prostitutes or porn stars around the residence! He's got a serious character problem. "Sexual addiction" my arse. LOL


Leave Tiger alone!!!!!!Elin get decided cz must move on one way or the other.


Leave Tiger alone!!!!!!Elin get decided cz Tiger must move on one way or the other.


proves that all blondes are bimbo's, and tiger is an ugly sell-out piece of shit. he oughta do her any way since she's a dumb bimbo.


CLB, you just keep spreading your venomous comments about Tiger all over the web. Dear, Tiger doesn't care what you feel about him - don't take this personally.


How much more despicable, inconsiderate and insensitive Tiger Woods can be? Every time he has an opportunity to show some respect for his family, he just blows it!!! Tiger, not only arrives one hour late to his daughter’s two hours birthday party but also brings two female guests!!! This means that instead of devoting all his time and attention to his daughter, he may have spent the time taking care of his guests!!! Tiger Woods continues to show with his selfish actions that he does not deserve to be called father !!! Elin should keep the children away from Tiger because this horrid, hideous man only cares about himself and no one else!!!


This story has so many mis-truths in it, it is shameful. He is "playing the field" again - do you know this for a fact or do you just report non facts. And since Tiger's office manager would know Elin and the children, why would she be upset? Do not make this more than it is.

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