Elin Woods to Leave Tiger, But Stay in Florida?

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Tiger Woods' wife Elin is reportedly seeking full custody of the couple's two children, but may be leaning toward remaining in South Florida, according to sources.

Elin and the kids are currently in China visiting her brother and she’s rumored to be mulling a return to her native Sweden - permanently. But perhaps no longer.

As divorce talks have progressed, Elin Woods has indicated a desire to stay in Florida, albeit in the southern part of the state, a few hours away from Orlando.

Elin may be seeking up to $750 million in a divorce, and wants full custody of the children, according to a source close to the situation, causing serious tension.

Her desire to move to Sweden, while understandable, could create big problems with Tiger as he wants to see his children often. Thus the South Florida idea.

Will Elin Woods stay in Florida to speed the divorce along?

“She has good friends in South Florida,” one source said of Elin recently. “She has spent time with them this year and she’s interested in moving to the area."

“It could be the perfect solution. If she has any chance on Tiger not fighting her on seeking full custody, then he’s going to want to see his kids regularly."

If Elin stays in the area, i.e. a few hours away by car and even less by plane, "that would be much easier and could avoid big problems with the divorce.”

She's been creating a life without Tiger, traveling regularly and rarely interacting with him - the two are not on speaking terms despite living a mile apart.

When and if the divorce is put on paper, expect it to be done fast, discreetly and with a big payout, much like Tiger used to treat his bevy of mistresses.

I'm totally on ...


this could have been planned from the beginning---------------just a way for her to make money--------------just happened to work for her----------------who knows.---------------do you think she would have married him if he was a teacher?---------------------??? if she really wanted to get rid of him---leave and go back to her hometown----now, she wants to be in the same neighborhood!?


Elin needs to move on, get over the ijiot tiger and find a real man she can bond with


Elin is a gold digger. She's a nanny and should be kicked on the streets.


At first you need a wife then you decide to get married to her. Thereafter couple decide to have childre. Why on earth he has to turn his back on the whole and start doing his adulteries. I mean, what's the meaning of getting married?


The tabloid has been flying around with all sorts of e-news... Some time ago it was said Elin wanted to move to Arizona...Some e-news said she wanted to move back to Sweden...Now this e-news said Elin wanted to move to South Florida away from Windermere... In short, all e-news are babbling ...trying to connect dots whenever Elin appeared somewhere...


Ok, ok, enough Elin bashing !!! She has done nothing wrong....just fell in love with someone so not worthy of her or of love and marriange. Not to mention kids. Tiger has ruined himself, his family and his career. He did it ALL BY HIMSELF ! As an adult you know about right and wrong and the circumstances of the options you choose. I hope Elin gets full custody of the kids....and they will be raised with a loving mother, without a cheating father.


if you dont need your family to go apart and u want to keep your family together, then learn how to say NO to temtations. if you must cheat, just divorce your partner, after that you can have much men or women as u want. it´s all tiger´s fault. he did not think about the kids as well b4 being unfaithful.


I feel like when you marry a big name superstar you know what u are getting i bet if polled the majority of them are unfaithful because of all the ass thrown at them. With that being said yes Tiger was wrong for cheating but is she was "smashing the bros" was not she wrong as well. It kind makes her seem like a gold-digger and even if she was investigated that doesn't mean that that told everything. Also it seems wrong of her to try to take sole custody of the children no child should grow up without their father. If I were Tiger it would get really nasty.


This the stupidest era of people I've ever heard of. When is it a national tragedy to cheat on your wife? Harassed off your job because of it? He's not a preacher, who cares? His wife was probably another of his exhooker girlfriends, she knows the routine. This is the busy body era, henpeckers delight! The dumbest thing the world did was empower a jealous woman with the right to vote! I'm female becoming woman hater since this era. It's the suffocating mother's dream come true, big brother, or what ever name you want to call it, this era sucks for everyone, men, women, and children used by women and courts.


I think that what Tiger did was wrong but to take totally custody away from Tiger would make Elin just as bad. Everyone deserves their father, no matter if the mother loves the father anymore or not. Elin is so wrong for seeking sole custody and I will be totally disappointed in the court system if it is granted to her

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