Tiger Woods Playing the Field Again?

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With wife Elin Nordegren in China with their kids, Tiger has been playing some golf and relaxing with his friends in his home near Orlando, Fla.

Oh, and hanging with that beautiful Elin look-alike again, according to new reports suggesting that the beautiful blonde clone was in his cart.

That's not an attempt to sound dirty, she was supposedly in a golf cart with him is all - the second sighting of Woods with the same woman.

Take this story for what it is - no photos, no named sources, and pure hearsay - but it's worth noting that similar reports have surfaced lately.

Tiger, who has reportedly been told by his lawyers that there is no dating allowed, and his new "friend" didn't touch but seemed affectionate.

Tiger Woods: Secretly moving on with Elin 2.0?

“He hit some balls on the driving range while she sat in the cart,” an eyewitness said. “Then he took a break and sat next to her in the cart."

“They were chatting and obviously comfortable with each other. She was laughing at everything he said and he looked completely relaxed."

Eventually friends joined Tiger and he played a round. As for his mystery girl? “She hung around,” said the witness. “It looked very natural.”

News of a Tiger Woods divorce is expected any time as he and Elin are leading separate lives and are barely on speaking terms, if at all.

Chances are dalliances with Elin look-alikes won't help matters.


hey there; anymore.......who cares? This fella is a has been, coulda been and a shoulda been. He needs to go away, and with someone no one cares about also. What a tragedy for all concerned. Gotta watch that first step Tiger, the rest of the fall isn't so bad as that first step. hahahahahahahahahaha


I just read an e news that ELin is back in the US and probably this chick he is talking with is her? Why not take a photo because it will show that it is ELin indeed? Or if it is another woman, why not take a photo like the first photo taken when Tiger first went out for a run.. common.. where are the lens or high zoom cameras?


Thomass said Tiger will be "available". Oh how thrilling. Excuse me while I barf. What woman in her right mind would want an ugly man like him who trashed his beautiful wife and children for dirty sex?! If that's not bad enough, he's probably full of sexually transmitted diseases.


What is the issue of seeing Tiger in public with a female ? Aren't tabloid fussy in having no better things to report ? I recalled another paparazzi website once had also reported on Tiger with photo of stepping out of a convenience store with chewing gum packet in hand.... Isn't it hilarious to report Tiger's stuff to such trivial matters which are life normalcy items ? Shame on the tabloid ! and shame on people like CLB and Sarah in jumping into immediate criticism as if Tiger was mating wtih another whore when this might be a fabricated story ....


If this e-news is true (ie Tiger appears with a blonde), it is no big deal to appear with a female..In fact, I applaud Tiger for willing to appear in public with a female. If this female is his future girl-friend, so far the better that Tiger is willing to appear in public with his girl-friend. If this female is a whore or mistress, Tiger won't show her around to his friends in golf course. If this female by chance evolves as Tiger's future girl friend, she will definitely thank Elin for exiting her position as Mrs. Wood so that Tiger will be available officially.


Why are some people more interested in replying to my comments/ opinions than to express their own opinion about the articule in question? Since so many people seems to follow me so closely and in view of the interest I should see if I can get a gig as a reporter, in that way, I can write to my heart content about Tiger Woods and get pay for it, HA, HA, HA!!!


I call bull sheet..If he was with another woman,someone would have taken a picture.. No pictures = it didn't happen I file this away with the reports that Elin is going to get 750 mil when Tiger is only worth 600 mill.. Just more crapola..


If Eldrick ..... er, "Tiger" as he officially re-named himself legally, were a "good and decent father," he would NOT have exposed the mother of his children to sexually transmitted diseases --- including AIDS!! There is no question he should NOT have custody of the children, or even partial custody. Supervised visiting privileges would be OK. If the children were to spend time with him alone, unsupervised, there is no telling what despicable, perverted scenes the poor innocent babes would witness by their father and his many unclean women! Elin is right to want full custody of the kids.


Why an Elin clone? Why not just get right with his wife? Buck up, be accountable, do whatever Elin feels she needs/wants to give the marriage another shot. If this cannot be done, buck up and take your licking. Earn some respect, after all, in this dept the only way Tiger has to go is up!


Tiger's reputation speaks for himself, the sad thing is that his die hard fans are still in denial!!!

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