Teresa Giudice Files for Bankruptcy, Seeks "Fresh Start"

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This is shocking. Who would have thought that a bunch of spoiled, self-centered women - only famous because Bravo has placed a TV camera in their faces - would have so many problems?

There's the Danielle Staub sex tape, of course (along with her past of drug use, arrests and rumored prostitution).

And now there's official word from Teresa Giudice that her and her husband have filed for bankruptcy. According to documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newark, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is over $8 million in debt.

She and husband Joe owe more than $33,000 on credit cards, $85,000 for home repairs and $91,000 for materials used to construct their new home.

The Giudice

Said Giudice to People:

“While this is a personal matter, I realize that certain aspects of my private life will always be subject to scrutiny and distortion. What is true is that due to the economy, most of my husband’s real estate ventures failed despite his hard work and effort. As a result, we looked to the Bankruptcy Court for a fresh start."

Teresa claims she is learning from her financial mistakes, which recently included a lavish birthday party for their nine-year old daughter that would have made Donald Trump blush.

Seriously, it's hard for have any sympathy for these rich morons.


I laugh at all the drama on all of the Houswives shows...because it is real life "Jerry Springer Show" I really don't think these ladies are acting...LOL


Are we suppose to feel sorry for these ppl? You made a very nice living,but you lived above your means.The shopping habits were outrageous! Those kids are so spoiled,and have no manners what so ever.The sad thng is the parents don't see it at all.I would be ashamed to have been on National TV and have my kids act that way,and present myself as a mother that feels loving my children means buying anything they want,or buying all she did just to look good.Trust me,they'll will get through this,and will make the same mistakes again!


Am i the only one who sees that Joe is a bookie? they pay everything in cash.The furniture that showed up at that temp mansion they lived in. She pulled out a pound of cash to pay the men. Bookies do everything in cash. He said he makes 80K a year?? In what world does banks give out mortgages for a million dollars To families that make that money? an illegal stream of cash comes into play here. Doesn't make him a bad person, But pay your debts deadbeat. Stop showing off to the world that you're loaded. LIAR>>>U should be booted off the show.


How are they not in jail? I should buy a mansion and expensive stuff, apparently there are no repercussions?


Grease balls...ick


this is what happeneds when u live above your means...they have a multi-million dollar house they can sell...dont feel bad




I hate Chadwick!


All I can say is.... "Money can't buy you claaaass"!!! Ele-gance is learrrned....my fren"


I like how they use the economy as an excuse when these are the type of chuckleheads that put us in a recession in the first place. $85,000 in home repairs??? Did a meteor hit their house? Seriously, I simply cannot believe how uneducated their generation is in terms of money. It might be a good idea to start teaching children economics as soon as they can read and count.


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