(Another) Danielle Staub Sex Tape: Available Soon!

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We already know that the past of Danielle Staub is littered with drugs, prostitution and arrest records.

But might it also be filled with multiple sex tapes?!?

In June 2009, this Real Housewife of New Jersey successfully used the legal system to block a video of her and ex-boyfriend Steve Zalewski getting it on. Raunchy case closed, right?

Apparently not.

A Real Housewife of NJ

TMZ reports that Hustler Inc. has uncovered another 75-minute tape of the Garden State's most reviled reality star spreading her legs for mystery man. It was allegedly shot in September, months after the aforementioned case was settled.

It won't be long until we have confirmation of this tape's existence: it's scheduled to be released on June 14. That's in less than a week!

Speaking of Staub, Zalewski once said: "Not only does she want to have sex all the time, but she loves the thrill of doing it in public places, where she might get caught.

"She wanted to make love in restaurant bathrooms every time we went out - she'd get excited and say, 'The people can hear you doing it outside!'"

Soon, they may be seeing Danielle doing it inside. Yuck!


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Danielle is the best thing to happen to this show. She is beautiful, intelligent and has a lot of poise. I think Caroline, Teresa and the other one is jealous of Danielle's style and appearance. I think Danielle could give them a lesson or two on deportment and poise. Remember, its three of those dirtbags against Danielle. They are very strong in numbers against one person. It all comes down to jealousy. In a million years you all might try, but will NEVER be able to look anything like Danielle. Whatever she did in the past is her business; she's an adult, and I'm sure the three of you have a lot of skeletons in the closet, all three. Leave Danielle alone, or maybe try to loose some weight; yet you'll NEVER look like her. Danielle stay beautiful, and may God bless you and your kids.


Danielle, You are so crazy!!!! You should leave the manzo's alone & get it through your head that they don't want anything to do with you!(NONE OF THEM DO!)Leave poor Dina alone! You should get help for your problem... Like a white padded room might be good for you! I feel so bad for your two daughter's! Your a very bad influence on them & to put your own sex tape out there is so crazy!! your kid's will be hurt by it but I don't think you care about that! I think you only care about yourself! I don't want to see you on the show anymore, I don't think anybody does!! find something else to do, maybe you could start a porn carrer, It seems that is what you like! I agree with that comment I would rather watch a Betty White sex tape! Get it together your a mess!


i don't understand why these celebs put out sex tape if their a role modle don't they know they fans might not like them anymore just like kenrda.


I cannot believe this woman-since she has been on the show the other women have had nothing but chaos in their lives. Danielle is not a normal person she is a woman who thrives on drama and thrives on being talked about. Danielle takes anything said and turns it into something that is against her-paranoia is a form of mental illness-maybe she should check it out as I would be concerned for her 2 girls being around that too much. 2 daughters, Danielle-sex tapes? C'mon woman get over yourself! You are a negative influence on your children.


I would rather watch a Betty White sex tape.

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