The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Pink Limos, Little Divas, Danielle Drama and More!

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A newborn was taken home this week; a nine-year old received lavish gifts at her birthday party; and, of course, Danielle Staub was at the center of all the drama. Incredibly, she managed to come across worse than ever. That's hard to do.


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    danielle is the world's most horrible mother,id rather be an orphan thn to be her kid.i genuinely feel bad for her daughters,i pray to god to protect those adorable kids frm this psycho.hope she rots in hell


    Why isn't anyone upset that Teresa is broke and yet all she does is spend huge amounts of money!! She uses her kids and to be honest when she made the comment about who wouldn't fall all over Gia because she is so beautiful, sorry look again Gia has the features of an adult in the body of a 9 yr. old, she is not a pretty girl. By the comments that Teresa makes only shows her lack or knowledge she is not a bright woman.


    The show would be a snooze fest without Danielle.....SOOOOrry.
    T and her whacky kids. They probably will be in jail along with Jacqs chubby chick Chris will be forever working for the mom and pop. Dina came to her senses and made her daughter stay this season and her smart husband stayed off from the start, I think doing a Jesse J. in the background, Not a great rep if you know what I mean. Joe is doughy and looks misreable and what type of arsonal does Jacqs man have doing on....any soprano work, money making scams.
    What did the sheriffs dept do with the kick back money...oh sorry the donations??????
    The poor child that needs speech lessons.....poooooor thing, she'll end up stripping one day.


    Seriously, Danielle is nuts. She doesn't have a single clue how crazy she is. Yes, there's are a lot of crazies on the show (Dina the crazy cat lady and Tersa the narcissistic glutton), but Danielle takes the cake. She thinks it's ok to bring criminals to a charity even. No one paid any money, and somehow, seats should have been ready for them. Lady get real. I feel terribly for her kids.

    Avatar is Danielle, nobody could be as psycho as her to say the things she said, oh wait, maybe Kelly Bensimone


    That was so funny. I laughed all through that. Well written.


    if danny is on parole he should be sent back to jail for associating with ex felons at the brownstone.someone please call his parole officer and have him sent back to jail where he belongs what a scum bag punk he is, i herd he was his cellmates girlfriend in jail. hey danny you are the punk sissy


    wow Kathy...
    You are either parole Danny or Danielle if not then you are scary nuts.


    Notice how everytime the Manzo and cousins are on camera, all they talk about is Danille. There would be no show without her. And Butch Manzo should try the newest Gillette razor on her face, haha. Did she really tell millions of viewers she shaves her face everyday. I hope Andy askes her about that during the reunion.


    As I first started watching this show, I genuinely felt bad for Danielle, but as time goes on, I'm starting to see what a crazy, manipulative person she is. In previous episodes, she drags her poor daughters into her insane decisions "Should we drive by this house?" "Should I call this person?", like let them live their life, and quit making your daughters achievments your own! Your kids will grow up to resent you. Also, how dare she make such a seen at a fundraiser like that? Again, it HAS to be about her. Her "hell's angel" buddies, Kim G. and Danielle need to get a frigging life... Kim G and Danielle smiling with these "oh, we're so cool" looks on their faces as their "goons" make a scene... Really? They should be absolutely ASHAMED of themselves.. and I can't believe they took the "There's a surprise in there for you" so out of context. Go see a psychiatrist, you nut

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