Perez Hilton Twitter Pic Allegedly Reveals Miley Cyrus Crotch, Uncensored

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We are as critical of Miley Cyrus as any celebrity gossip blog out there.

And we make no apologies for our harsh assessments of this singer because, at the end of the day, they are just our opinions. Readers can take them or leave them. They're mere words.

But there are certain lines THG (or anyone with a conscience) knows not to cross. Foremost among them: the mass leaking of photos that depict a 17-year old's private parts.

No one taught this lesson to Perez Hilton, however, as reports allege that immature, self-serving blogger Tweeted an uncensored, bare crotch shot of Miley getting out of a car this weekend. Early this morning, he definitely posted the following message:

If you are easily offended, do NOT click here Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!

The picture has since been removed, but claims this was it, minus the black box:

Miley Cyrus Upskirt

To their credit, Hilton's Twitter followers have lashed out at Perez since this post went live. Among their responses:

  • @PerezHilton posted a picture of Miley Cyrus’s VAGINA?! GOD I hope he gets arrested for posting child pornography. PLEASE.
  • @perezhilton tht is basically distr kiddie porn!!! She’s UNDERAGE!! Hope the wrong person didn’t see it... Pray, baby pray.
  • @PerezHilton You are the lowest of the low posting child pornography. Knew you were scum but this is a whole other level, you know no limit.

Well said, people.

Who knows why Miley wouldn't wear underwear - but taking an unauthorized picture of a 17-year old's vagina and posting it online is as illegal and immoral as it gets.

These Tweets summed up the disgusting publicity hog that is Perez perfectly. But, hey, maybe you can do better! Leave a comment and let Perez Hilton have it. Don't hold back. Lord knows he wouldn't.


perez you are even more low and cheap than Kim kardashian who at least exposes herself for publicity unlike you who vilifies others for your greedy interests


check out article about lady gaga's parent's new resturant written by david winzelberg 1/26/12 in Long Island Business news. I hate being used I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah you fucking basterd and raper and porner


leave me fucking cuzzin out of this


Yo Miley is mad cool in reality -just the stupid public wants to listen to this faggot Perez & who the fuck is he anyway a nobody big big mouth--no shit hes hating on Miles cause hes a homo daaaaa--Miley Ray dont play -you go girl keep doing ya thing there is a ton of love 4 you baby always that dude is a scumbage if it is real he shouldnt of leaked it out if that was me the Feds would of came to my door why is this faggot getting away hes a kiddy porn spreader sicko fuck if I ever see him in real life I will break his jaw!




I wana bj from her


she is so sexy and i like her.and no shes nt a virgin cse i once had sex with her (dated her 2 years ago) man it was like fucking a god dam genius.she is so grate at giving a good time.i even had her give me a blow job,it was awesome.i sucked her vagina for two hours and kissed her hoping to have sex with her next week.i'l fuck her hard.JOE JONUS


looks like i got a BONER


what kinda girl goes around wearing a dress and no panties she is clearly a slut and not a virgin !who has not seen her vagina a lot of guys have i sure all the jonas brothers too and every guy she has ever son used to watch her show but i wont let him anymore she went from disney channel good girl now a pot head slut that does not wear panties i think to give all the boys a free show and easy 100% access at all times the slut. her parents must be so proud. Not!they are bad parents and she is a bad role models for teen girls.

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