What the Heck is Miley Cyrus Talking About?!?

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Thank you, Miley Cyrus.


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    she is just a pot head no panties wearing flash her vagina all over town slut!


    i liked her better when she used to wear real clothes and stuff, and sang songs with good messages,not just about how hot she thinks she is or guy's like her or she go through guys like money flyin out thir hand her msg that she's slut so don't try to make her good persob she said it her self in her song so FUCK OUTT


    THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP SUX...I mean, calling us brain-washed? FUCK YOU, and your stupid worthless gossips!AND, Miley does make sense, but you're stupid, you can't understand,so you write this crap! GO MILEY!! Peace out!


    urr damn motherfuken right ima defend the shit haterz say about miles! shes a wonderful person, and u bitchez wont shut ur mouth!like i said before:WTF R U HATERZ DOING ON A BLOG ABOUT MILEY IF U HATE HER?if u hate her soo much why the fuk do u wanna know so much about her?FUK OFF BITCHEZ AND GO FUK SOME1 BUT DONT WASTE UR TIME HATING, CUZ UR JUST FUKING UP UR LIFE! - i luv u miley and all miley haterz go 2 hell :D


    she needs to put a shirt on i mean come on now shes like 17 and most of her fan are like 10 i dont know about you but if my 17 year old daughter ever walked out of the house even close to what she wear on stage shes be grounded for months...


    @ hilton hater...i din mean u guys cover gaza and israel...that can't be ur job obviously..u guys r too dumb to even cover those issues...cuz here, ur wasting so much of energy on a 17 year-old celebrity...whoz frankly just being a celebrity...and ppl who hate her to the fullest are mad fans to the fullest are dumb as hell...what i meant by those issues, was i was referring to the ppl who post here and spend hours defending her or attacking her..i was referring to them to spend more energy on issues that atleast deserve some attention than these stupid posts by a stupid site...
    and iam cool, not getting worked up like most of u..:P..


    Miley needs to get over herself! She is an uneducated idiot, who makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth! She is her biggest fan! She can't sing, and her "music" will never sell in the real world. Its obvious that she has been around the block a few times where men/boys are concerned - which is why she bought her own place away from mom and dad. She is trying too hard to be sexy and its not selling unless you're a pervert. Miley, go back to school and get an education! Please don't torture us with your whiney voice anymore!


    i liked her better when she used to wear real clothes and stuff, and sang songs with good messages, not just about how hot she thinks she is


    Are you people for real? How is it possivle that this is even a topic for discussion?!?!

    First things first if anyone idolizes her, then he or she is so very lost it's not even funny.

    Just a few facts in America and in the rest of the western world porn is the nr 1 money making product out there. What does that mean? That people are very dishonest about, and to, themselves. Porn can't be one of the highest profit branches without alot of people buying it. that would include most of you. Would you honestly try to convince me (or yourself) that Miley Cyrus is so popular for her 'beautiful brain'? Or for her oh so special voice? Maybe you want to pin it on the unfathomable depth of her lyrics? Come on now people at least be honest it's almost always sex thats being sold even in Miley's case.


    She's just got no class at all anymore

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