Megan Fox on the Red Carpet: Confirms Engagement, Looks Insanely Hot

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At the world premiere of Jonah Hex last night, Megan Fox confirmed two things:

  1. She's engaged to Brian Austin Green.
  2. Holy jeez, she's hot.

Regarding the first point, the actress told E! News she doesn't understand why this is suddenly a newsworthy headline.

"We've been engaged for four years, so I don't know why the story is breaking now like it's new. But I'm happy to still be engaged and still be with him."

Very Nice Cleavage

So, when might a wedding take place? And will Fox be wearing a similarly-cleavage baring gown for it? She was mum on the second question, but answered the first:

"There's no plan yet. The stars will align and it will happen one day."

In the meantime, we're just gonna stare at the actress. We invite you to click on these photos and do the same...

Red Carpet, Red Dress
Jonah Hex Premiere Pic
Promoting Jonah Hex
Female of Our Fantasies
Cleavage Shot

[Photos: Splash News]


She does look old because she had a ton of work done on her face. She's been getting plastic surgery since before Transformers. At least then she looked pretty. Now she looks old because of the dermal fillers, botox, and excessive lip injections. She needs to know when to leave well enough alone.


jees... she just looks like forty sumthing...


gosh... is she 23?
cant believe that.
and why have to undergone more plastic surgeries?? hell..
no longer awe with her...
is she addicted like montag?
jees... it will turn down your "price", honey...


She looks old cuz she fucked with her face when she was way too young and never needed it!! Now her face is frozen in time like the rest of the Hollywood idiots-typical!! What's up with dress???!! The whole world has already seen your boobs! Did you want to remind everyone that they are still there???!!! YOU ARE A NOBODY AND NEVER WILL AMOUNT TO SHIT!!! Your better fuck an old rich guy so you can stay relevant-Hefner is available quick before he dies!!! LMAO


I love Megan Fox but I dont like her hair or outfit in this pic. She looks


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