Kate Gosselin: The Next Bachelorette?

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Because two reality shows are never enough for a mother of eight, Kate Gosselin is reportedly pitching another in which she focuses on nabbing a new husband.

“Kate’s working on a deal to do a new reality dating series on ABC,” a Gosselin insider reveals to Life & Style. “Kate would love to have someone new in her life."

K. Goss

After divorcing Jon Gosselin last year following a public implosion, Kate "really misses the companionship. She wishes she had a man around to help her out.”

In the proposed show, the reloaded Kate Plus 8 star will be matched up with single dads - or, in another scenario, could wind up as the star of The Bachelorette!

The magazine's anonymous claim that this is being discussed is clearly baseless, but at the same time, she was ratings gold for ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

FORESHADOWING? Kate Gosselin and The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky in a joint interview with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this spring. Might Kate follow in Ali's footsteps?

Would it be a stretch to have her star on another highly-rated reality franchise on the same network? Oh yes, but crazier things have happened. We're just sayin'.

If we were the betting type, and we've been known to lose money on asinine bets before, we'd wager that there's now way in hell Kate stars on The Bachelorette.

Still, we can absolutely see another dating show tailored to fit the mother of eight. What we aren't sure is why any guy would appear on it. Maybe that's unfair.

Would you date Kate? Sorry, but we gotta ask ...

Kate Gosselin: Would you hit it?


Hey Bachelors.........RUUUUNNNNN !!!! Don't look back !!!! If you have any doubt, watch a few of the J&K+8 episodes, and watch how she emasculated Jon. He couldn't even breath right ( to suit her)


Oh please....get that Drama Queen off the air. And while you are at it, give those kids a fair shot at life. The twins are getting to be just like their mother and I am sure they are a handful for their teachers. Here's my big question??? How come you never hear anything about Kate's parents?and their relationship with their daughter?


With regard to practical Kate, where is the proof that she can make as much from nursing as she presently makes? The support for the kids from Jon for will eventually dry up when he is off life support from his former reality employers. She is busting her butt to make her rainy day funds while the sun still shines. She manages to see her brood as much as most working Moms putting in eight hours a day at their jobs, and her kids are getting full time supervision from paid help. They don't seem to be lacking care and affection. That she's been a shrew is probably true and as a result she is now husbandless, not that he was any prize. Jon's ambitions for lucrative employment seem to be beyond his capabilities. Not so for Kate, and raising her kids will take megabucks. Unlike Octomom, none of this is costing the public a dime, so where's the beef?


R U KIDDING?? Kate does not belong on the bachelorette!! She has been pimped out for cash on every other show there is. Leave Bachelorette to anonymous individuals that are truly looking for love. We all got to see first hand how Kate treats the man in her life. PITY THE FOOL!


She better take some classes on how a relationship works. After watching how she acted with her ex-husband no wonder she is alone. Shame on you for selling your soul to the devil and pushing your children to the side to take care of just yourself. If I hear you say one more time it is the only way I can afford to support my children I will puke. Take a look at most of America.


She gets cash for what ever she does. If millions of people could watch Flavor of love with Flav´s urgly face and 7 kids from different women, i dont see any reason why millions of people should not watch Kate. She is not the worse person in America. You guys just hate her bcos she is a woman. GO KATE!!!!!


This is one show I would not watch again if Kate is on there. She is fake in every way. And I cannot stand the way she seems to exploit her children.


GOD HELP US...if Kate ever appears on Bachelorette I will never watch. I WOULD however like to see the LOSERS they'd have to fix her up with because they would HAVE to be pretty desperate!


Oh, you mean the same Kate who spends all her time at home with the kids, LOL


Oh please no!!! I love the Bachelorette, but I don't think Kate Gosslin would be a good match for that show. If they want to creat a new version of it for her, maybe, but I still think there are other ways for her to find love, far from our eyes!

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