Elton John on Rush Limbaugh-Kathryn Rogers Wedding Invitation: Weird, But Awesome!

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Plenty of people were surprised that Elton John recently received an invite to sing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. Elton John himself was definitely on that list.

"To put it in Elton's exact words, when he got the invitation, he was 'a little surprised,'" his partner David Furnish told People on Sunday at the Tony Awards.

But, John also the genuine, sincere invite as a change "to go where people wouldn't expect me to go" and said "'Life is about building bridges, not walls.'"

He did just that, performing as Rush married Kathryn Rogers.

"And maybe if I can make a great impression," Furnish quoted his longtime partner as saying, "some people might even change their perspectives on life."

Elton John and Rush Limbaugh make an unlikely couple of friends, but genuine ones just the same. The singer donated his $1 million fee for the event to charity.

John told him it was a beautiful event and Limbaugh and his bride "were incredibly gracious and very welcoming and very sweet and very appreciative."

"Elton, during the night made cracks: 'I suppose you all wonder why I'm here tonight?'" says Furnish. "But ultimately, it's like an olive branch, I guess."

By all accounts, John and the couple got along well. "I wasn't there, but from everything Elton told me, Rush and his bride were charming and welcoming."

"They said they want to come and have dinner with us in England, if they pass through in their travels. We have to bring the world together, not apart."

Rush Limbaugh with his new wife, Kathryn Rogers.

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Sir Elton was deluded if he thought accepting $1 million from Rush would change Limbaugh's views on gays and gay marriage. Rush saw Elton as celebrity hired-help. That's it. Elton did not build bridges, he simply helped build up Limbaugh's prestige. If he'd been principled, he would have either publicly turned down the invite offer, or made a quid-pro-quo that Rush come out in support of gay-marriage. There is zero chance Rush will dine with him in England.