Kathryn Rogers Marries Rush Limbaugh; Elton John Performs at Couple's Wedding!

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Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh is a married man again, and outspoken gay rights advocate Elton John helped ring in his wedding to Kathryn Rogers!

Elton serenaded the 400 guests into the wee hours Saturday night to celebrate the marriage of Limbaugh and Rogers at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Fla.

The couple met six years ago, while Kathryn Rogers, 33, was running a charity golf tournament and Rush Limbaugh, 59, was going through his third divorce.

The Palm Beach Post reports that guests included Karl Rove, Fred Thompson, George Brett, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, James Carville and Clarence Thomas.

Elton John, however, was perhaps the most notable, given his ideological differences with Rush. Then again, his $1 million fee for the evening goes a long way.

ODD COUPLE: Can't say we saw this ne coming.

A million bucks is pretty steep, but did Rush and Kathryn get a discount? Reuters says that of all wedding singers, John is among the most expensive worldwide.

The music icon charges up to "$2 million for private performances, with all earnings from private concerts going to his charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation.”

Yes, his AIDS foundation. Remember last October 2009, when Limbaugh compared the disease to swine flu in the way both were being "hyped"? That crazy Rush.

Or in 2007, when Limbaugh said other, equally incorrect, equally reprehensible things about AIDS? Elton John could have charged the full $2 million, you'd think.

Anyway, congratulations to Rush and Kathryn Rogers! Hopefully she sticks around the radio magnate longer than his previous three wives, and he's feeling better.

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hope she has a good pre nupt.....it wont last long to the hate monger


I think this says a lot about both men. Elton isnt what everyone thinks he is and neither is Rush. God bless you Mr. and Mrs. Limbaugh. Here's to a lifetime of happiness to you both.


I'm falling out of my chair laughing... Elton John is your HERO?!? Good job Rush. Even if she doesn't stick around, the ride should be a fun one.


He is married by a black pastor and had an openly gay singer and Rush is the bigot? Give me a break!


Best wishes to the newlyweds!


Elton, YOU TRAITOR!! You are NO longer my hero!!!


If you are bored don't comment. I don't underststand why people complain about the story when they didn't have to read it. Elton did the right thing. Take the fool's money....why not? a Million bucks for probably four songs? I dislike Limbaugh but I would sing two songs for a miliion bucks.


she has my sympathy, elton john? total hypocrite!


I don't get it. Elton would sell his soul if he could find a buyer. WAIT! he did, the devil himself. And Rush is always preaching American this, American that, BLAH, BLAH! Where's your American Star.


Now he can get addicted to viagra.