We Just Feel Bad for Tila Tequila

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At this point, we just feel sorry for Tila Tequila.

Sure, we could refer to her as a pathological liar for inventing a pregnancy.

We could mock her for claiming that God is her BFF.

We could, once again, call her out for exploiting the death of her ex-girlfriend, Casey Johnson.

We could say many disparaging things about this poor woman... but to what end? We simply pity Tila by now, as she put on a concert to celebrate the launch of her new EP, Welcome To The Darkside, last night - and the most famous person to show up for it was former American Idol contestant Trenyce.

Plus, she wore the following outfits at the event. They speak, tragically, for themselves...

Red Carpet Mess
  • Classic Tila
  • More Breasts
  • Covering a Nip
  • A Gross Carpet
  • Scarcely Clothed
  • Put It All Away!
  • Not At All Attractive
  • Lonely and Desperate
  • Ugly Performance
  • Tila on Stage
  • What a Nightmare
  • Legs Wide Open
  • Totally Wrecked by a Train
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lil jokerrr, what "work"?This woman does actual work? Oh, I see. It's a lil jokerrr joke.


She needs to close her legs. I can smell her from here.


nice boob scar, or is that just part of her "ensemble"?Accessorizing with scars-- lovely.


She's had so much plastic surgery, her name should be changed to Tila Rubbermaid.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha What a joke. Go away little sleaze girl, just go away. hahahahaaha no talent, no looks, no brains, nothing more to say. Nice outfits by the way, just what are you supposed to be? hahahahaha


she looks like a transsexual


Stop posting about her, she needs to go away.


Clearly under her left breast, or fake boob, you can see the scars where she got the implant shoved into her. How gross! Why does she think anybody would want to look at this? She's a piece of fake crap just like her fake boobs!


I know lovely huh lauren? LOL


you can see the scar from her breast implants, not classy