God to Tila Tequila: Leave Me Out of This!

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According to Tila Tequila, her and God are, like, total BFF.

The professional Tweeter has posted a series of messages on her social networking site, each one giving thanks to The Man Upstairs for the role He apparently played in her lawsuit settlement with former sex partner Shawne Merriman, along with His influence on her imaginary adoption.

Scarcely Clothed

As always, no jokes or one-liners can even do justice to Tila's Tweets. So take it away Crazy Pants...

  • OMG I have such happy news!!!!!!!! All I can say is "The Truth Shall Set YOU FREE" Amen to my best friend GOD! My lord savior! My everything.
  • All I have 2 say is I been through so much! All painful things, but I remain graceful and take it all in with a grain of salt! I never lie!
  • So in the end, I'm always so fierce because the one thing I have that other people don't have, is the Truth about my life! God is great!!!!!
  • I just want to say that I'm madly in love with my baby daddy cuz he's madly in love with me too!! A wedding on the way???

We're mere celebrity gossip bloggers. We don't pretend to have inside information on what God is up to.

But, come on. There's no way He's been there for Tila. The woman is insane, and He has far more important things to do, like be exploited by Sarah Palin at highly-paid speaking engagements around the country.


"It's just another Tequila Sunrise," pure delusional rambling in the way that an ignorant drunkard sees the world.


Wow I hope that all the people that hate on Tila so much and spend so much time following her just to write hateful things in the blogs will come to terms with the fact that they have no life.... Either that or they are very unloved n know this. theres nothing wrong with Tila or anyone thanking god for what joy she or they find in life...!!! If she was the pope and thanking god would anyone take the time to hate??? I would hope not! And for those her call her or anyone trash or other names. I can only hope that b4 u die n meet your maker that u learn what i learned at a very young age! if u cant say anything nice... say nothing at all....!!! because by bad mouthing someone u dont even know u are showing what real trash is!!!!


@chrs, you have every right to be worried for that adoption. I know we aren't supposed to speak ill of the dead, but Casey adopted a child too and never took care of her. Tila kills me. Wasn't she the one bawling down the house when Casey died? Wasn't she the one holding Casey's belongings hostage from the Hiltons? Wasn't she also "engaged" to Casey? Tila was soooo devastated when she died... Yet...shes madly in love with her baby daddy. Whats the length of time between Casey's passing and this new, deep, profound love for her baby-daddy? Trash. Shes pure TRASH.


Thank god shes over that casey chick, who she was also "madly in love with" for about a week until she died (RIP). now shes got a knew guy!!! although, I'm sure that is what casey nwould have wanted note the sarcasm. now in all seriousness, I'm a little frightened by tthe whole addoption thing I know its probably a lie, butI'm still scared for the kid

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