Source: Tila Tequila-Casey Johnson Relationship a Complete Sham, PR Stunt

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We hope you're sitting down. This may come as a shock, but sources close to Casey Johnson say her relationship with Tila Tequila was just a huge publicity stunt.

This came from Casey's own mouth in the weeks before her tragic death last week, according to two of the late Johnson & Johnson heiress' friends cited by TMZ.


The friends came forward today and said that they each received separate calls from Casey Johnson saying her engagement to Tila Tequila was "all for show."

Casey told them she met her only three days before the infamous engagement video and made it very clear to both that she and Tila were not together.

May Casey Johnson rest in peace. May Tila Tequila go away forever.

Oddly enough, one of the friends even says Tila was in the room when Casey made the calls. We don't know if this makes Tila's recent actions better or worse.

The publicity whore has been Twittering up a storm, effectively play the grieving victim, elicit sympathy and milking Johnson's death for everything it's worth.

Fake mourning your fake fiancee for a 16th minute of fame? Even pretending to be on suicide watch? That's a new low, even for the lowest form of life on earth.

Tila is now saying she wants custody of Casey's daughter too. Not that she was ever married to Johnson or has legal standing ... but why let that stop you?


Hahaha....I totally agree with Boss. Here's a thought..Tila will be doing this when she's 60+ and imagine what she'll look like then? Trailer Trash is Trailer Trash, just can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.....just doesn't happen.


actually, 'spelt' is a word ... it is how the British spell it and those who follow the British English use spelt as well. case in point : India. May be you should expand your world.


Hey linus4real are you serious with what you just wrote. You need to read some of the crazy things that Tila (I can't tell the true) Tequila has been tweeting for the last month. Don't you think it's a little sick to call someone you’re Wifey and also want to adopt her daughter when you just knew the girl for a month? Let's not forget her claim that the Family wanted to kill Casey dogs and buried them with Casey how did that workout. You must be as twisted and sick as Tila to Support someone like her. Grow Up


Hey thickas2bricks-You should take your own advice.Spelt is not a word.The correct word would be SPELLED.Idiot!


PS linus4real learn how to spell ... VIDIO IS SPELT VIDEO... IDIOT!


Hey linus4real... you have to be joking... look how your friend Tila has been carrying on since 4 January... you find that normal behaviour... it beyond that is disgraceful. Oh and by the way even if they were engaged, it was for a whole 2 weeks, they met on the 7 December. Oh and one more thing, if you just got engaged wouldn't you have spend New Year's Eve together in celebration of your life together... I would think so, that would be only natural right? You are just a fecking stupid as the revolting young woman you are defending!


Even been in love retarded bitchz FUCK OFF HATERZ


omg! she is so sick! why she never helped casey???


And just wondering did this come from an ex???? or from someone who's father buys a $60,000 mercedes for a 20 year old kid that just got the right to drive after year for DUI???? THERE ARE VIDIO'S OUT THERE THAT SHOW CASEY SAYING SHE LOVED TILA N WAS GOING TO MARRY HER! THAT IS NOT HERESAY MUCH LIKE THIS IS!!!! SHAME ON YOU FOR PRINTING BULLSH*T....!!!!!


Wow you print something like that without naming name??? saw Tila and casey snuggling and making out and casey calling tila her love n wifey! think i'll take my truth from the casey's mouth and not those who hate the fact that she loved Tila thank you.....

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