Tom Cruise to Robert Pattinson: Don't Effin Change!

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In 2008, Tom Cruise tried to become a box office star again by starring in a drama (Valkyrie) based around Hitler and the Nazis. Bad idea.

A couple years later, the slightly insane movie star has come up with a far more effective plan: appear in a MTV Movie Awards promo with Robert Pattinson.

In the hilarious video below, Cruise takes on the persona of Len Grossman, the foul-mouthed Hollywood producer he portrayed in Tropic Thunder.

When the Twilight Saga stud informs Grossman that he might actually wash hair for the MTV event, Grossman goes off on him, screaming:

"Your filthy hair made you a star! Your filthy hair sent my fat-*ss kid to Space Camp four times!"

It's great stuff. Watch now:

The MTV Movie Awards will air on June 6. Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will all present at the ceremony. They'll also show a new clip from Eclipse.

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I f*****g love Tom Cruise, he's the f*****g shit, his f*****g career is something all actors f*****g dream about!


Hey, Chris
careful what you say people will think your crazy for speaking your mind.....But, I'm totally on your side on this one. :)


he isn't crazy. in society, we are taught (for some reason)to withold our emotions, and keep them all in. if you express any emotion considered "too much", you are deemed insane, god only knows why, by society. think about if you're just at home, with your family, and something awesome happens. I remember getting my first acting part, and I was beside myself, jumping on couches (yeah thats what i said), bouncing off the walls and doin cartwheels. just because tom cruise expressed extreme elation, that has been deemed innapropriate for adults to express, you call him crazy. why?