Kate Hudson "Pissed" at A-Rod, Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz's alleged romancing of New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez allegedly isn't sitting well with Kate Hudson and her alleged breast implants.

Yeah, there's a lot of speculation in this gossip item.

According to Us Weekly, Kate and Cameron are locked in a bitter battle over A-Rod. Hudson dated him for much of last year, while Cameron might be now.

On May 2, Diaz was reportedly spotted leaving his N.Y. City penthouse with overnight bags. This followed earlier reports of A-Rod and Cameron grinding.

Here's where it gets good. An insider believes Diaz is bedding A-Rod as a form of retaliation after Hudson hooked up with Justin Timberlake back in 2007.

Run for it, Thom Yorke. You want no part of this.

Unhappy Hudson

Forget Yankees vs. Red Sox. The biggest rivalry A-Rod is involved in may be Kate vs. Cameron. Or Yankees vs. Rays. [Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

That alleged hookup happened two days after the Diaz-Timberlake breakup, so naturally, "Kate thinks this is payback, pure and simple," the insider says.

Us insists Hudson's not 100 percent wrong, either.

A Diaz pal claims that unlike Hudson and Rodriguez, "Cameron was actually in a very serious, long-term relationship with Justin. She thinks it's a joke Kate would be mad. Kate is only upset because she hates being single."

In an effort to hold on to Alex's, one source even contends that Hudson got a boob job after they split to appeal to the Rod's preference for "busty women."

LOL. Even if that's true, she apparently failed, as her "implants" are barely noticeable. She's absolutely gorgeous, but they're barely noticeable. That's all.


mr rodreguez should give Rachel Uchitel a go, thats his type of girl, then theres always jennifer aniston shes as desparate as kate hudson.


diaz will suffer the same fate needy pathetic hudson did, arod should really be left to the prostitutes and hookers cos hes not capable of handling a real relationship with a real woman. hes just a rolling stone and will never be satisfied with anyone, even madonna (whom he left his wife for..) realised hes a loser and didnt want him either.


alex rodreguez is still madly inlove with kate hudson and still wants to marry her.


its taken a dumping from alex rodreguez for hudsons true colours to come out and shes not a very nice woman, shes a bitch with a motive and seems to have a really bad jealous streak, shes a "mean girl" no wonder all her boyfriends dump her after 6months, arod is so turned off by her then and even more now that shes gone off & had implants to try win him back, what a pathetic human being and arod must be throwing up.


Let's face it, A-Rod is a male whore - Madonna, Kate, Cameron, and how many countless others. Doesn't anyone in Glitzville worry about STDs?


kate hudson should really concentrate her energies on performing her Almay duties instead of attracting back press, she is obviously not right for the role cos shes way to insecure and does not radiate a positive vibe for the brand.


Well......both women go from man to man to man to man. Neither one seems to be able to be without a fella, and any fella at that. Cameron is keeping her looks, while poor poor Kate, looking rode hard and put away wet there sweetie. Oops. They all seem to have the morals of an alley cat, so it makes for good reading. But that's about all. At this point, who gives a flying crap.....they may as well be wrestling in the mud. Now THAT might be interesting....but this is old news, for all concerned.


Why in the heck are these two gorgeous, talented women fighting for A-rod? He's nothing special in the personality dept. I don't even find him the least bit attractive. He's already shown himself to be a jerk and that isn't going to change anytime soon. So what's the draw to A-rod? I just don't get it. Ladies...get a grip and keep your self respect. HE doesn't deserve either one of you!


arods got himself a really hot chick, cameron diaz is a sucessful actress who has put her head down tail up & just got on with her career & her hard work has paid off with some huge blockbusting movies to her name ,shes a serious actress,independent with a good attitude, arod will benefit from this relationship cos diaz isnt a demanding needy woman. they proberly have alot more incommon.


Damn it Kate your priorities are all messed up!! You have a cute little boy who needs a mom but you are too focued on wanting a man WTF??? Haven't you learned by now??? Don't get it at all...

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