Arnold Klein: Michael Jackson Chose Who He Loved

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Dr. Arnold Klein is Tweeting back at Elizabeth Taylor over the legendary actress' recent implication that he supplied Michael Jackson with lovers ... of both genders.

The Twitter-tongue-lashing he got resulted from comments he made about MJ's sex life, saying he was gay and confirming rumors of an affair with Jason Pfeiffer.

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Taylor lambasted Klein for betraying Michael's confidentiality and trust, and got in an extra dig that the dermatologist supplied Jackson with men as well as women.

Both Pfeiffer and Jackson's former wife Debbie Rowe worked in Klein's office (Klein is also rumored to be the father of MJ's kids, but that's neither here nor there).

He counter-Twittered Friday: "Dearest Elizabeth Michael CHOSE whom he loved; I only SUPPLIED medical care. May God bless you and Michael. Your friend Arnie."

Was Michael Jackson gay? Is Arnold Klein lying? Did the doctor betray the star's trust? Was Elizabeth Taylor out of line? The list of questions goes on and on ...

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If Mj would said he was an alien u would have talked all the worst false shit against him, if the stupid media would said he was, we would have believed the shit. The world wont stop talking about him 'bcoz he oz the real king of pop & he wont b 4gotten. He's one of the most few famous people around the world who ever lived and made real change...


i no the doctor is a bloody liar. Elizabeth love mj with all her heart. his life passion and soul. so how can she put mj in drugs. the doctor must be put before the law cos he is a liar. all he needs a psychiatrist.


Im so sick of everone judging micheal.I am so sick of the rumors,gossip. I grew up listening 2 his music and still everday i even fall asleep at night with his music,when i wont 2 relax Iwatch this is it movie,which ive seen manty time.Micheal is my insparation ever day.please let his kids and family live in peace!!!!!! in my heart i know i will finally get 2 meet him and that will be the happest day of my life!!!!!I know micheal loved his keds more than anything and i hate they have no dad to raise them as far as the mothers they should never have any rights.i pray 4 them everday. dr.conrad shoud be charge with murder and found guity to the fulist extent of the law... god bless micheal you will never b 4gotton everone loves u and your music.


I am tired of crying. I have loved Michael since I was 8. Always kept up on the truth about him. He suffered physical pain from lupus & vitiligo..many complications with it. He sang from his heart. His message was love. My children have heard them ever since they were born. They adore him. His children...they lost a beautiful father.


michael jackson has given us all these wonderful music and entertainment and showed us about different cultures and kids that needed love and be loved.i know we love him alot and want to know about him,but give the man a break,let him have dont want the whole world know everything about you and your life.i will be glad though when these rumors can be truely told and get it over with and move on to his music and talents and film making. we love you mike.more then you ever really thought.


The guy's dead. I don't care who he slept with, but his kids don't need to hear this crap from a loser who's still trying to make money over their dead father's corpse.


p.s. an as far as doctor death murray saving a woman give me a break he just trying to make himself look good an please dont let that fool u. of course he gonna do that the woman wasnt worth money


ok someone needs to sue this doctor for lies. look michael is not gay an its real sick of these idiots coming out saying he is. michael loved women. an elizabeth taylor she the one who got him hooked on a certain drug so i dont call that a friend. i think the family needs to take these idiots to court they need to get over it an move on an let mj alone he been threw enough while he was on this earth. why would this doctor say he was gay? is it that he is jealous an just wants attention? people need to shut up an leave mj alone he has been gone for almost a year now an still people are making up storys an lieing. mj was a good man he doesnt deserve these lies. leave him alone now you stupid sobs


Was Michael gay? I don't know. But my problem with this whole story is, Michael is not here to deny or confirm what that guy said.I don't trust that Klien guy, not one bit.



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