Elizabeth Taylor Defends Michael Jackson, Slams Dr. Arnold Klein For Gay Affair Story

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Elizabeth Taylor, who like Dr. Arnold Klein was very close to Michael Jackson, and who like MJ was a patient of Klein, is slamming the doctor for his recent blabbing.

Specifically, about MJ's alleged gay affair with Jason Pfeiffer.

Not only did Klein back up his former office manager's account of an affair with Jackson, he flat out said Michael was gay, then said he didn't betray Jackson's trust.

An irate Taylor Twittered this yesterday, lambasting the dermatologist and noting the connection between Klein and other person with romantic ties to Jackson:

"Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship with someone in Arnie's office."

"It seems he supplies not only women (Debbie Rowe), but men too ... how convenient."

There's no love lost between two of Michael Jackson's closest friends.

Not finished, Taylor added this stinger: "Just what we want in our doctors. And then to say he did not betray Michael's confidence. No wonder he has death threats."

"I thought doctors, like priests took an oath of confidentiality. May God have mercy on his soul." Rough, to be sure but the legendary actress certainly has a point!

Klein's defense of the comment was that it was made not to slander Michael, but show was not a pedophile. For what it's worth, Joe Jackson and Michael's bodyguards have also come forward to deny the gay affair story.

No comment from Team Arnie or from anyone in the federal witness protection program he may or may not have enlisted in during the past week.


It is unbelieveble that people can't stop talking about the most wonderfull person ever excisted in a bad way! What did he ever do to one of us to be treated so unrespectfull? He was full of love for the world and everybody in it!.He gave us his life!!His talent, his love and effection in every way he knew how! Just look at some video's were he was questioned by the police for example.You can feel his pain and devistation!!I for one can never get that image out of my head.I cry myself to sleep most nights,because I do mis this beautifull man!There will never be anyone who can even stand in his shadow.Love you forever Michael!!!!


Come to think of it...Dr Klein also said that MJ like to pee in a cup while people would gather around and watch.
I don't believe that story either.


As I read Liz's comments; she does not say that MJ was not gay but that the Dr. betrayed a "confidence". What confidence? That he was gay?
If that is what she meant, she broke a confidence too.


She is being ironic to the rumors which means she doesn't confirm it. Klein owes 1 million to the American Bank that's why he is trying to sell BS from summer. He was desperate to sell his car on e-bay saying that MJ has sat in it. After June 25th he is all over the media coming up with every possible story that could draw attention. He got paid from extra tv in case you didn't know and he got a lawsuit from the esate's lawyer, that's why his fictional story was never aired. Everybody is trashing Klein's fantasies and Jason's ex lover said Jason was an MJ stalker obsessed with him and he knew MJ was straight. I guess reality is too hard for a delusional gay. I can't believe there are people who bought that fiction!!


This is really smart of Elizabeth Taylor. She in fact confirms that Michael Jackson was gay, and was in a relationship with Jason Pfeiffer, without having to take any of the heat for it. She accuses Dr Klein of betraying Michael jackson's confidence, not of lying.


debbie; u r so right michael gave from the HEART. some people don't see the good that he has done.michael is gone so please let him rest in peace.LOVE U MICHAEL


If we want to focus on anything specifically about Michael aside from his obvious amazing talent, let's focus on his humanitarian efforts. He gave quietly, not for attention, but to honestly help others. He had so much good. What is it in humans that make many of us focus on garbage rather than recognize people for the good they did and continue to do through an amazing legacy. Michael was good. We weren't.


What we know and what we should know about Michael Jackson is that his talent was extraordinary, he was loved by his fans and his style was all his own. Anything else is speculation and mean spirited since he isn't here to defend himself. What we know about Dr. Klein is that he is disgusting and inappropriate. He makes up for it by being a publicity hound. I think he will say anything just to be in the news. His client could have been anybody noteworthy and he'd be blabbering his jibberish. It really is time to let Michael rest in peace and to focus on what we do know about him. He was one of a kind and we were lucky to have enjoyed him while we could.


from one liz 2 another thank you liz taylor 4 being a true friend 2 michael thats what real friendship is.there will never be another one like him great singer and dancer,someone who gave so much to those who have so little. go 2 wikipedia michael jackson and read up.the day that michael passed away its like the world stopped he was not just a great singer and dancer but a great person.thank you god 4 putting michael on this earth 4 us 2 enjoy. rest in peace michael.u r singing in heaven!



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