Chely Wright Makes It Official: I'm Gay

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It's official: Chely Wright is gay.

The country music singer tells this week's issue of People: "Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out."

That moment has arrived, but Wright says it took awhile to get there. Growing up in the south (she was born in Kansas City, Missouri), the Academy of Country Music's Top New Female Vocalist in 1994 said she doesn't have "a memory in my life that doesn't include the dream of making music."

But she resided in a world that shunned homosexuality and, therefore, "hid everything for my music."

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Why come out now? The news coincides with the release of Wright's memoir this week Like Me, as well as her first album in five years, Lifted off the Ground.

Part of the official synopsis for the book reads that Wright made "a pact with God: to keep her "sinning" to a minimum if he'd get her to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry."

We're proud of her for finally revealing her true self to the world. What do you think of this announcement?


Good for you, doesn't make you a bad person, I have lots of gay friend, men and woman, nothing wrong with it.


I'm having a problem finding people who claim they came out of the "closet" and feel so much better. Personally, if I were gay I could never come out of the closet...that's just me. I would be very embarrassed to admit this to my family, friends, and fans/


And this affects her talent how? Thought so, really who cares? And more thought so......who the heck is she? Drumming up a little real estate in the tabloids are we? There just might be better ways of doing it, if she has any class at all, and I really hope so, she will make it clear that her personal life is just that.......personal. And life goes on and on.


Good for her. It shouldn't matter if she's straight or gay. It's funny that people still to this day and age think that being gay is a choice. If there is a God - it is God that has made them that way. That's what I think.


FYI, Kansas City is in the midwest, not the south.


@for_real_tho: You didn't answer my question: What kind of bitter, cynical, negative, judgmental individual cares what one person does or says to God, or anyone, in the privacy of one's own life?


OMG.....Singers want to be gay? Let's go back to are born with your sexual identity in place.....hello. It is not an illness or a sin..... and you do not become gay.....a gay person cannot become straight anymore than a straight person can become gay......and it will not rub off on our children either. Where is it stated that it is morally wrong to be gay? Please don't tell Pat Robertson.....he will blame the flooding in TN on her coming out! Congrats on coming out Chely, I'll be sure to buy the new CD. Now you can be you finally, awesome.


btw, i wasn't "SINGLING" this girl did that when you possted the article abou ther....I was saying it was a sick thing to do...adn in doing so, imply how being gay is against God's is the entire package she cannot see it because you are focused on defending her simply because she is gay....regardless of her making such a statement, and YOU (not me) quoting her...if you don't want to "SINGLE" out this statement, maybe you should remove it from YOUR article....


LOL@ hilton hater....I know I am not the only one that comments on Adam lambert posts...yet, I am the one you choose to attack because you do not agree with....ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE OF DOUBLE STANDARDS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH,...just because I dont like Adam lamberts album I am a bigot an hate gay people??? if you only knew, yuet you are an apparent I should have figured....the one sided narrow-minded view that you have is so sad...Not everyone is going to agree with you, regardless of sexual orientation;, get over it...YOU ARE PROVING MY POINT FOR ME, TYVM...DUMBASS


Moreover, I was agreeing that this is a strange way to speak to God - but entirely disagreeing with you signaling Chely Wright out for doing it. You're living in a fantasy world if you think everyone, gay or straight, doesn't bargain with God and make pacts with God ALL the time.
Why anyone on earth should care about how one communicates with God in one's private time is beyond me.

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