Chely Wright to Announce Homosexuality, Report States

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When Ricky Martin and Adam Lambert came out of the closet, the entertainment world was proud, but not exactly shocked.

According to TMZ, though, Chely Wright is ready to make a surprising announcement: she's gay.

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People magazine first floated the rumor that a significant star would reveal her homosexuality in the near future, and TMZ has confirmed it's Wright. The country singer, whose "Single White Female" hit number-one in 1999, has an autobiography and a new CD coming out this week.

We're always happy when a celebrity (or a human being in general) is confident and secure enough to make such an admission publicly - but it would help her cause if she weren't promoting an album at the same time.

If this report is accurate, Wright will be the first major country singer to go public with her sexual orientation. It's a big risk, considering the conservative demographic of country music fans.

We wish her the best of luck.


It was the right and healthy thing to do. So congratulations and don't look back . I have a wonderful son who did the same thing. He elected to live his life honestly and all gay people should as well. To some , be careful with your hurtful comments as someone you know and love very much i's gay . It can come back to haunt you . Think of it this way ; if you are straight how would you like to pretend that you are gay the rest of your life ?


u claimed to be a christian yet u violate Gods law . u had stated when u stood in front of GOD at judgment day u will be ask what u did 4 everyone else. u should not have to answer b cause God will already Know how u lived ur life, The only way u will c God is if u do his will and what he wants 4 ur life, check the scriptures and u will realize what u need to do to c him and live forever with him.


Alan, BJR was married a second time,her name was Michelle. They have a daughter Savannah now 14. He is a wonderful performer and I hope he performs for many years to come.


Beverly, While stationed in Savannah, GA I'd regularly go to the Bamboo Ranch in 1964 to see BJR perform and it was well known by all (not a rumor) that BJR was Gay. His only wife (not married twice) still lives in Marietta, GA (Georgia M Royal)and I've spoke to her. There's no 14 year old daughter as you claim, so it's you that needs to get the facts straight.


Tim, Billy Joe Royal has never admitted to being gay. Where did you get such information? He has been married twice and has a beautiful 14 yr old daughter.. Get your facts straight before spreading vicious gossip.

@ Beverly

Whatever Suvannah is definetly real, and so was Michelle, she was very very stuck up and rude. I met her in pigeon forge TN. You are crazy if you think you know it all all. Wow arrogant, anyone that has been around him or his band much will flat tell you he was and is NOT Gay!!! infact look up country america magazine from the 1995 or 96 issues BJ and Michelle and baby Suvannah are front Cover, silly know it all's LOL


it's crazy .


Chely is the first major country star to come out, as k. d. lang had already left country music behind when she came out in 1992 (her last country album was in 1989.) Not that it wasn't obvious.....
But congratulations to Chely for coming out, it's not easy for most of us and I'm guessing it's even harder when you're a country singer!


what is up with her back...she doesn't need to ever expose it again....yuck, never seen a knobby spine....maybe on one of those sad, malourishment infomercials..on those hungry kids in Africa...BTW, this is probably a ploy to boost her career, she has been screwing many men, she is saying she was pretending to be straight, and some gay people are proud of that??? seems they would be disgusted with such a phoney slut...just saying


Celebrity???? I've never heard of her. Well, glad to know that she is a carpet muncher anyway.


HEY Pak31 so these men who would be upset to hear this, were they delusional enough to think they had a shot with her if she's such a big star??? i guess so. sorry crazy weird guys, she's into girls HAHAH and what exactly did you mean by 'she doesn't seem like the type to be gay'??? because she doesn't try to look like a man and she's actually an attractive woman, she shouldn't be gay?? that's really stereotyping now isn't it?
don't spend your time worrying about people's sexuality so much, focus on who they are as a human being, not whom they choose to sleep with.
try that.


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